The Morning Briefing: Drooling Joe Biden Sent Back to Basement Just 9 Days Before Election

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Biden’s Back In His Happy Place

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Welcome to the week before the storm.

It’s difficult to believe that this presidential campaign, which seems as if it’s been going on since disco was big, is about to be somewhat over. For those of us who vote legally, that is. Dead Democrats and phantom mail-in ballots will no doubt be voting for a while.


In campaigns past, we’ve become used to the candidates furiously campaigning down the final stretch, getting very little sleep, and traversing the country to make their final pitches. It’s a mad dash for the finish line that usually doesn’t end until the wee hours of Election Day.

Well, Joe Biden is having none of that. He’s ducking out for more basement time.

Beth Baumann writes at Townhall that Mr. Harris-Biden once again cleared his schedule for whatever the heck it is he does when he calls it a day early:

Election Day is nine days away. This is go time for campaigns. It’s their last chance to convince undecided voters to vote for their candidate.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign, however, is taking a different approach. Instead of hitting the campaign trail – either virtually or in-person – they called a lid for the day… and well before noon eastern time.

Interestingly enough, Biden had a tweet earlier in the day saying “Let’s go,” as if it say it’s go time.

This comes just a couple of days after an aide assured everyone that Biden would “campaign aggressively” in the final days.

When Biden was underground all last week the excuse was that he was doing debate prep. As we discussed on Friday, that really didn’t work out for Grandpa Gropes. The old boy was glitching a lot by the end of that debate and his handlers are probably worried about more of the same happening under the strain of a final campaign push.


Even Biden’s tightly managed video appearances with Mama Jill by his side to mitigate any damage are a crapshoot:

As Twitchy pointed out, it appears that Mama Jill is trying to prompt her mental trainwreck of a spouse to say “Trump.”

Sure, let’s give this drooling idiot the launch codes.

Many of us have been speculating that Biden would be replaced by Kamala Harris shortly after taking office. He will probably be the first president to have his own party use the 25th Amendment against him. At the rate he’s going now, I don’t think this guy is going to make it to Thanksgiving though.

It’s frightening that anyone at all is thinking of voting for Biden. It’s even more disturbing that he might win. How is a guy who needs three days of sleep—just to be able to hope he can avoid abandoning his native tongue—going to be the leader of the free world?

Someone suggested to me that Biden doesn’t really need to campaign because he’s so far ahead in the polls. Maybe that’s the case. Or maybe we’re in the midst of some sort of Groundhog Day election. That kind of arrogance from the Democrats worked out very well for Trump in 2016.

Biden is so far gone that he might get confused and try to bomb his own homeland once he’s sworn in.


It’s been fun making fun of him throughout the campaign.

I’m not going to be having as much fun if he’s drooling all over the Oval Office.

I hope comrades Harris-Biden don’t outlaw booze.

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The Kruiser Kabana

This one stung. Jerry Jeff was is one of my all-time faves. I’ve seen him live in arenas and bars. Just the best. #RIP

The “p” in “raspberry” irritates me.


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