Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'—It's Election Prepper Time!

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This Election May Never Be Over

As I begin writing this column we are two weeks away from Election Day. As I wrote in Tuesday’s Morning Briefing, the whole concept of Election Day has been made meaningless by bastardizing the process with mail-in ballots, early voting, and Democrats.

OK, I added that last part just for my VIP friends.

As we approach the beginning of the end, I think it’s important to spend some time pondering precisely how we should react to what is most surely going to be a prolonged, fabric-of-the-Republic-rending vote count.

We’ve seen since May that the American Left has decided that violence is its go-to response for every situation. Despite all of the MSM and elected Democrat protestations to the contrary, what we’ve witnessed hasn’t been the work of some fringe lunatics. These lunatics are supported by the upper echelon of the Democratic party. In fact, the guy at the top of the food chain over there is not-so-subtly egging it on. Drooling Joe likes to talk about dog whistles lately. He blew a pretty big one at the end of August:

The presumption that there won’t be any violence if the Harris-Biden ticket is elected doesn’t have much to support it. The leftists who have been rioting since May have gotten a lot of what they were “protesting” for, sometimes rather quickly. Rarely were they mollified, and I’m being very generous by saying “rarely.” I just want to cover my bases for the one exception that I may have missed. Honestly though, most of them continued their “peaceful” protests without missing a beat.

There weren’t any prominent Democrats condemning the violence until we were months into it. There must have been some bad internal polling because both Grandpa Gropes and Granny Boxwine issued tepid “Oh yeah maybe don’t burn stuff and kill people” statements at around the same time. Their silence leading up to that point sent a clear message to the rioters, however: We’ve got your backs.

The Democrats have given every indication that they will not gracefully accept the election results should President Trump be the victor on November 3rd. So what should we do to prepare for the fact that Joe Biden may be able to steal this election with a bunch postmark-free mail-in ballots that will appear out of the ether in Pennsylvania?

Obviously, everybody should have enough food and ammo to last awhile on supply, but that’s not the kind of prepping I’m going to explore here.

Whether this election is won cleanly or stolen by Joe Biden, conservatives and Republicans will have a one election cycle window to push back against the leftist lunacy that will ultimately usher in the end of the American experiment.

With tensions ratcheted up on all sides, a Biden win would be devastating for Trump supporters. The MSM wants everyone to believe that there are hordes of right-wing militias just ready to take to the streets should Trump lose. As always is the case with the Trump era political media, none of that is true.

My daughter was ten in 2008 and we were walking to dinner after it was obvious that Obama would win when she asked me if I was sad. I gave her an honest answer that eventually became something I would frequently say in political speeches. I told her that I didn’t get sad because not every election can go my way and it’s better to look forward to the next election. I also said that the best thing that I could do is wake up the next day and start working on making sure that the next election does work out for me.

Those were rough days after the 2008 election. James Carville was saying that the Republicans were going to be wandering in the political desert for forty years. Things really did feel bleak.

Then a little thing called the Tea Party movement began just a month after Barack Obama took office.

I co-founded the first Los Angeles Tea Party in February of 2009. The energy of that movement would propel the Republicans to an overwhelming victory in the 2010 midterm elections and end Carville’s “forty years” prediction after just two.

The Tea Party movement minted a lot of new activists seemingly overnight. It also created the D.C. “outsider” vibe among conservatives that Donald Trump so brilliantly tapped into in 2016.

There will be an opportunity for another conservative resistance movement in 2021 should Drooling Joe and his puppetmistresses get elected, but we will have to move quickly. We can mope and get mad for a week or two, maybe even do some serious day-drinking, then it’s time to figure out what the next thing is.

The window will be small because the Democrats will do everything they can to make the United States a one-party nation. Even they can’t do that overnight, though.

While it is important to focus somewhat on Congress, I would like to see the Republicans start trying to win more school board seats and local elections. The Democrats basically use those as their farm system for developing state-wide and national candidates. The GOP doesn’t always put a lot of emphasis on those kinds of races. It’s often easier to affect change from the bottom up than the top down.

We can’t despair if the election doesn’t go our way though. The progressives would love to break us emotionally.

We can count on the Democrats overreaching in ways that are easy to attack. We just need to stay focused and let them puff themselves up into easy political targets.

Because so many of us had experience in full time activism from 2009-2012, we can better emotionally prepare for whatever desert wandering they try to have us do.

They will continue to be violent even if they win because they know that violence is sanctioned by establishment Democrats. That will provide conservatives a perfect opportunity to contrast the way we react with the madness of the Left. The media will continue to lie about us but real Americans will see the difference. Perhaps the people who have been compelled to break with traditional voting habits will become activists.

All will not be lost, my friends, even if it seems like it at first.

We’re smarter and better looking than the progressives. We’ll figure something out.


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