The Morning Briefing: Despicable Media Just Had Its Busiest Day of Carrying Water for Biden Yet

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Mainstream Media Campaigns for Biden AGAIN

It’s Thursday in America, I think. The days are so blurry. I do hope you’re having a good one so far, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends.


It’s no wonder Joe Biden is able to go to bed right after breakfast every day — he knows that the media will campaign for him.

The Enemy of the People had their hands full covering for Grandpa Gropes on Wednesday once the New York Post story about the Cocaine Kid broke. The speed with which they coordinated their efforts and messaging was proof positive that Journolist still exists, albeit in an altered form.

By the time I got to the computer, my Tweetdeck media columns were flooded with various MSM accounts all tweeting very slight variations on a theme: don’t link or share the Post story because it is, or it may be, disinformation.

I took a big swig of coffee, got up and walked around a bit, then returned to my computer to make sure I was reading everything correctly.

Yep, I’d seen it right the first time. The media outlets that spent years breathlessly “reporting” on every bit of fabricated and uncorroborated garbage about President Trump colluding with Russia were now concerned with the veracity of a new detail in a story that’s always had more legs than the Russia nonsense.

It was both disturbing and amusing to see them tune up their hive-mind chorus in defense of Biden’s reprehensible son and whatever his pops might know about the depths of his reprehensibility. Disturbing because it showed once again that they’re merely full-throated advocates for all things Democrat, now more so than ever.


Amusing because every time one of them tweeted about not sharing the story, conservatives would flood their mentions with links to the story.

Who says Twitter can’t be fun?

While the mainstream media hacks were barking in unison like the trained seals that they are, the Social Media Supreme Soviet took matters into their own hands.

Paula wrote about a Facebook exec freely admitting that they were “reducing” the distribution of the Post article on the platform.

Twitter really went into Bizzaroland with its overreaction. When I went to click on the link to the article I was given a dire warning that the content had been flagged as “potentially spammy.”

I don’t think “spammy” is a thing.

Later in the day, Twitter CEO sort of backtracked, which Tyler wrote about:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that Twitter’s censorship of the article was “unacceptable.” He acknowledged that Twitter had blocked URL sharing via tweet or direct message “with zero context as to why we’re blocking.”

“Our communication around our actions on the [New York Post] article was not great. And blocking URL sharing via tweet or DM with zero context as to why we’re blocking: unacceptable,” Dorsey tweeted.

Translation: “We should have better explained to you rubes why we’re telling you what you can read and what you can think.”

The coordinated efforts by the mainstream media and social media Biden water-carriers had a decidedly “Nothing to see here, move along…move along,” feel to it. That, of course, makes it feel as if there is definitely something to see there.


Perhaps they were all merely exhausted from having to pretend that the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee weren’t consistently getting their you-know-whats handed to them by Amy Coney Barrett and wanted a change of pace. That’s understandable. They were all a little too shrill in their dismissal of the Post story though. They’ve all invested a lot of time and effort into ignoring the Hunter Biden/Burisma stuff thus far. The reaction yesterday seemed as if they had snapped from the pressure of that.

The stink around this story never goes away despite the best efforts of the MSM to get rid of it. It may not have had October surprise or smoking gun status when the Post first released it, but the flop-sweat panic reaction of the media gave it both.

Thanks, guys!

Rest up, you have to get back to not asking Joe Biden about anything substantive.

Der Bidengaffer Called It a Day Before Lunch Again, BTW


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Bee Me

It is grating.


The Kruiser Kabana

This couldn’t happen on SNL now. Bill Burr got dragged last week for doing a monologue that was maybe a third as edgy.

I’m not going to let this election make me fat. Fatter. Fattest.


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