The Morning Briefing: Trump-Hating Media Lying More and More to Keep Low-Info Dems In a Rage

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Media Malpractice: Episode 654,798,924

Happy Thursday, dear friends of the Kruiser Morning Briefing. Thursdays are my Fridays, so I have a little extra bounce in my step. Or would if I weren’t sitting at a desk. And if bouncing were the sort of thing I did.


Terrified of being embarrassed like they were in 2016, our truth-averse advocacy media hacks are working overtime sowing seeds of dishonesty to prevent President Trump from winning a second term.

I run in some very weird circles personally, professionally, and on social media. A lot of my Facebook feed, for example, is filled with leftist comedian friends of mine whom I’ve known for a very long time, some I’m pretty close to. As you can imagine, it’s a hot mess of Trump Derangement Syndrome crap-posting these days. Yeah, it has been since he was elected, but it’s grown like an angry Hulk  — the real Hulk, not the nerd wuss hybrid in Endgame — these past two months.

I generally tune them out. It’s a little dance we’ve done for decades. I’ve always been conservative and my politics were always known to my friends in the entertainment industry but we come from a time when liberals didn’t want to cancel anyone who disagreed with them. My friends, colleagues, and I made it work quite well for thirty years.

Buuuuut…it’s 2020.

While I still adhere to the “I don’t let it get to me” policy that I wrote about in (BOOK PLUG INCOMING) Straight Outta Feelings: Political Zen in the Age of Outrage, it doesn’t mean I can’t needle my leftist friends. It just means that I don’t get upset when they lose their Trump-hating minds on me.

Every once in a while if I make the mistake of hitting Facebook after an adult beverage or four, I might leave a comment on one of my liberal comedian friends’ Trump-hatey rage posts. After one escalated discussion with a close friend, I began paying a little more attention to what my other FB lefties were going on about.


They were all mad at media lies. There wasn’t a policy disagreement among the lot of them. Mostly it was the oft-debunked “he called the virus a hoax” media myth, and the “very fine people” false media narrative.

 ((Katie Adkins/Rapid City Journal via AP, File))

When the Facebook keyboard warriors aren’t raging, they’re smirking and congratulating one another on being smarter than everyone else, a false sense of superiority also based on media lies.

The most recent topic of smirk was the annual convergence of bikers upon Sturgis, South Dakota, which was dubbed by the media as a supposed COVID “superspreader” event.

Cool story bro, but it never happened.

VodkaPundit well and truly shredded this fairy tale yesterday. In addition to providing the real numbers, Mr. Green gives a disturbing rundown of how many once-respected media outlets were willing to run with the fantastical false narrative stats.

Why did they?

Bikers kinda like America and Trump. ‘Nuff said.

 (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Author Bob Woodward has crawled out from under his Democratic patron rock with a book he hopes will permanently damage President Trump’s hopes for re-election. He accuses Trump of downplaying the coronavirus threat in the early days of this year. Like the “very fine people” thing, this is based on deliberately misrepresenting something the president said, the context of which is plain to any fourth-grader.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man who was with Trump during DAILY PRESIDENTIAL BRIEFINGS ABOUT THE VIRUS, came to the president’s defense. Matt wrote about it here.


The irony here is that the lefties think it’s conservatives who are swayed by fake news. In reality, they’re just a bunch of dumb fish who keep biting empty hooks and getting reeled in by the media.

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

I’m ready to drunken Ouija board my way through the rest of this year.

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