The Morning Briefing: RNC Night 3—Powerful Lineup Forces LibMedia to Pathetic New Lows

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Not Your Father’s RNC

Happy Thursday, my Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The week is almost over and there are only 2,734 more left this year, so let’s enjoy wrapping up this one.


Night 3 of the RNC was impressive to even a jaded and dark guy like me. You could very well accuse me of merely cheerleading for the home team, but I am not comparing last night to this year’s DNC or those of the past, but to previous RNC gatherings.

Tyler’s wrap-up of RNC Night 3 is here.

Usually by the third night of a DNC or RNC, I’m just sitting around hoping for a chunk of my ceiling to break off and hit me in the head so I can feel something again. Despite being impressed with the first two nights of the convention, I was still not expecting much.

For the first time during this year’s conventions, I decided to join my colleagues for the liveblog that we are doing every night. As the evening wore on, I told them that this was the most impressive one-night speaker lineup I’d seen at a convention. It was sincere, and I have a lot of conventions under my belt.

As I mentioned yesterday, I like the way the Republicans have been staying on message. It’s not just that they’re doing it well, there is also the fact that messaging is powerful. Conventions past have hammered home messages that the party thought would resonate but didn’t. That was because the messaging was a product of what Beltway Republicans and the grifter consultant class thought would be good for the hoi polloi.

This oh-so-Trump RNC is speaking to the people, not at us.

Wednesday’s lineup was a perfect mix of familiar political faces and compelling voices unknown to the general public. It’s standard political fare, but this RNC continues to hit all the right notes in ways that its recent predecessors were unable to.


Early in the evening, Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn made it clear that the Republican party is the one that is on the side of law enforcement. The “law and order” theme is all the more important given what’s going on in Wisconsin at the same time as the RNC this week.

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was one of the familiar faces at Wednesday’s RNC installment. Known — and admired — for being a bit of an attack dog in her current role, McEnany gave a stunningly personal speech about deciding to have a preventative mastectomy.

Tera Myers was an unfamiliar face who, as Tyler wrote, “may have given the most powerful speech” at the RNC on Wednesday night. It was a moving pro-life story about her decision to give birth to and raise her son, who has Down Syndrome, despite being told that she should terminate the pregnancy.

The pro-life message had another strong advocate in Sister Deirdre Byrne, a Roman Catholic nun who is also a retired Army colonel and a surgeon. Joe Biden wouldn’t challenge her to a push-up contest.

The night must have been a success because the hacks in the mainstream media were either working overtime to ignore some of the speakers or just being generally awful.

I was watching two different broadcasts, one of which was ABC, which I had on in the background and muted. I wanted to see which speeches they were skipping. All the ones they did were telling.

The Democrats and their media monkeys like to go on about Republicans — and especially President Trump — being anti-woman. Wednesday’s RNC lineup featured several women, many of whom held positions of power. It ran counter to the preferred narrative, which would explain why ABC opted for panel discussions among their talking heads rather than airing the speeches of Gov. Kristi Noem, Rep. Elise Stefanik, and McEnany.


ABC also chose to ignore the speech of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng. The purported news organization also happens to be owned by the same parent company as ESPN. Both broadcast NBA games.


Now, the awful:

Yeah, they’re scum.

The RNC ended the night with Vice President Pence’s acceptance speech, which was another winner. Rarely is the incumbent vice president’s convention speech worth watching. Pence has a great public speaking delivery. His vocal inflections for emphasis are used sparingly and are always perfectly timed. The Ft. McHenry backdrop really made it pop.

My colleagues will be liveblogging the RNC conclusion tonight.

Really looking forward to the headliner.

 (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)
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