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Joe Biden Plagiarized His Campaign Slogan. C'Mon, Man!

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden’s been caught stealing again. He cribbed his campaign slogan from a county executive in Maryland who now has been ordered to stop using the phrase he created for fear of looking like a Joe Biden lackey.

Biden has fought plagiarism charges since law school. He’s been accused of stealing speeches. During his first run for the presidency in 1988 he not only stole British politician Neil Kinnock’s words, he stole the guy’s life story!

During this presidential run, Biden has been accused of stealing part of this year’s Democratic National Convention speech from a Canadian politician. He’s ripped off JFK riffs, Bernie Sanders’s policies, and even Trump’s coronavirus strategies, which he already had underway or completed before Joe uttered the words.

The one thing people would have been pleased about Joe properly reciting is the Declaration of Independence. But even though it was a layup, Biden biffed it.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women created by the—you know, you know, you know, the thing.”

It’s the one thing the American people would have gladly forgiven him for “stealing,” except he didn’t write it down. It ended up in a broken play and a personal foul that cost him at the line (too soon for NBA metaphors?).

Not Again! Joe Biden Accused of Plagiarizing Canadian Politician in DNC Speech

But now he’s gone and done it.

It appears that Joe – we’re leaving open the opportunity that it was a one in a million mistake – stole his pithy campaign slogan.

C’mon, man! You know, the thing.

But, uh oh, a Maryland county executive has been using the phrase “build back better” throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman, a University of Chicago, community organizer turned elected county leader, has been using the slogan, “Build Back Better” in his coronavirus updates for several months, before Joe Biden stole it.

Remember when Democrats and leftists denounced then-candidate Trump for saying we needed to Make America Great Again? The faux-fended among them were in high dungeon. They were very, very disappointed, shocked actually, that Trump would say we needed to make America great AGAIN. How dare he?

But that didn’t stop old Joe Biden from cribbing Pittman’s slogan which metaphorically calls for building something back even better. Apparently Biden felt that he could take that slogan, build back better, and call it his own.

Here’s Pittman back at the beginning of May, three and a half months ago, and four months ago.

He used it again this month.

The likely scenario is that a political operative of some kind in Maryland or the DMV surroundings heard the county executive use the phrase and told Joe to use it without fear of yet another plagiarism charge.

Pittman was told by the Anne Arundel County Ethics Commission that if he kept using the slogan it would look like an endorsement of Joe Biden. The commission forbade him from using it again.

Now he can’t even say the slogan he came up with. Because Joe stole it.

C’mon, man.

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