The Morning Briefing: Idiot MSM Hacks Confuse Joe Biden for a Practicing Catholic

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CINO: Catholic In Name Only

Welcome to another TGIF edition of the Kruiser Morning Briefing. May all of your weekends get an early start, dear readers.

The mainstream media had a busy day yesterday carrying water for Joe Biden, which is obviously going to be a full-time job between now and the election. They’re not only going to have to constantly interpret whatever word salad Biden burps into the universe whenever his handlers are dumb enough to put him in front of a camera, but they’ll need to defend him from the president’s attacks, which are ramping up.


President Trump lambasted Biden with some fiery comments that included saying that Biden is “against God” and “against guns.” That got the Democratic lapdogs in the MSM yipping right away, especially about the God stuff. They went to work to try and portray the rabidly pro-abortion Biden as a Super Catholic:

Biden has spoken of his faith a number of times, crediting it with helping him through personal tragedies, such as the deaths of his wife and children, most recently his son Beau Biden. His campaign website outlines a plan for “Safeguarding America’s faith-based communities,” which includes promises to crack down on hate crimes and increase grants for religious communities.

Biden’s campaign also contributed to the St. Joseph of NARAL narrative:

“Joe Biden’s faith is at the core of who he is; he’s lived it with dignity his entire life, and it’s been a source of strength and comfort in times of extreme hardship,” Andrew Bates, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, said in a statement.

The problem with all of this talk about Biden and faith is that he professes to be a Roman Catholic. A Roman Catholic who just a week ago was proudly mentioning an endorsement from an abortion-rights organization.

I’ve been a practicing Roman Catholic my whole life. I’m no saint, but I also understand that an integral part of being Catholic means that one doesn’t hold radical abortion views just for political popularity.

Most media organizations referred to Biden as a “practicing Catholic,” which as Tyler pointed out in this post, is kinda/sorta true because Biden goes to Mass. Or used to. Or something.

 (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Part of the enduring appeal of the Church to Catholics is that it doesn’t let doctrine get blown along with the cultural whims of the day. There really isn’t any — yes, any — wiggle room on the abortion issue. Professed Roman Catholics who are also pro-abortion elected Democrats are, put plainly, full of crap.

Catholic priests have the option of refusing Holy Communion, which has happened to both Biden and Nancy Pelosi in the past.

I’d prefer that Catholics who publicly champion abortion be excommunicated. If Catholic Democrats had to take a public stand for abortion under the pain of excommunication, perhaps some of them might change their minds. If not, we could at least dispense with the charade of calling them practicing Catholics.

Predictably, CNN was the worst of the bunch running interference for Biden, laughably referring to him as a “devout Catholic” in the chyron at the bottom of the screen while reporting on the story. If Joe Biden is a devout Catholic, I’m going to be elevated to cardinal next week.

 ((Arne Dedert/dpa via AP))

Joe Biden is many things, a good Catholic isn’t one of them. The fact that the MSM reporting on all of it glossed over the 800-lb. abortion gorilla in the room is yet another example of how thoroughly corrupt and biased they are.

Happy One Year Anniversary to the Kruiser Morning Briefing

It was one year ago today that I took over the Briefing, not quite grasping all that was involved in publishing a daily newsletter. It got off to a rocky start when my daughter ended up in the hospital the first night I was working on it after some scary stuff happened that wouldn’t be properly diagnosed for another three months. The first week was kind of a blur. It’s been a lot of fun since then and I again want to thank all of you who take time to read this, either occasionally or every weekday. I’m going to do everything I can to make year two even more fun.

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The Kruiser Kabana

I’ve probably shared this one before but, what the heck, gotta have a little Rickles for the one-year anniversary post.

I’ll try to make year two of the Briefing a little less plague-y.


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