Replay Available: VIP Gold Live Chat with Kruiser and Townhall's Larry O'Connor and Kurt Schlichter

Stephen Kruiser here with good news, which the world needs more of.

We had some sister-site bonding this evening as I joined my old friends, Townhall Senior Columnist Kurt Schlichter and Columnist and Creative Director Larry O’Connor, for a VIP Gold Live Chat! Like all of our VIP Gold live chats, this one was an “ask us anything” free-for-all that got completely out of hand. I restocked my booze supply in anticipation of it, in fact. You joined us and fired away. YOU CAN’T HURT US. If you’re not already a VIP Gold member, you can subscribe here. Use the promo code LOYALTY to get 25% off your VIP membership. Trust me, we’re worth it.

If you missed the live chat, the archived replay is available below.

Many thanks, VIP Gold subscribers!