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[Watch] Mask-Shaming Woman Throws Hot Coffee in Face of Unmasked Man Trying to Eat a Burrito, Instantly Regrets It

Still from video of an altercation that occurred when a woman threw her coffee at a man for not wearing a mask.

Since California’s mayor and governor have gone all-in on coronavirus mask-wearing for the non-rioting and non-partying populace, they’ve unleashed a legion of “Kens and Karens” to mete out punishment to the maskless.

Friday, on the streets of Manhattan Beach, Calif., “Ken and Karen” got their comeuppance when they attempted to mask-shame and bully the wrong guys.

A confrontation turned into a “bloody brawl.” And it was all recorded. See it below.

Fox News LA reports that James Hernandez and a friend were sitting OUTSIDE on a bench getting ready to eat their lunchtime burritos when a couple decided to issue a snarky, walk-by lecture.

“They said, ‘put your mask on’ and we said, ‘well, we’re eating burritos.”

Hernandez was wearing a bodycam and captured the couple’s boorish behavior on video. Why a bodycam?

“Because I wear a Trump hat I’ve had a lot of confrontations, I guess,” he said.

His camera was rolling on Friday when he says he and his friend, Matthew Roy, were eating burritos outside without masks on, and a couple criticized them.

“Y’all need to be wearing masks,” the woman can be heard saying.

“No we don’t,” Hernandez replies. “We’re locals here but were on the other side of the fence, we don’t believe in this stuff.”

“I hadn’t even gotten to start eating the burrito yet before someone wanted to give me a mask lecture,” Roy said.


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Roy and Hernandez were steeled when the couple insisted on standing an unsocially-distanced number of inches away to continue giving the men their much-needed lecture.

“I guess the guy really wanted to impress his girlfriend because I was pretty dismissive, I thought when I turned my back on them they would just move on, but he wanted to stand there and engage me.”

Roy says the woman then stuck her middle finger in his face, and tensions escalated further until she threw her coffee in his face.

Roy immediately gets up, and begins punching the woman’s boyfriend in response.

“She decided to slam her coffee into my head and that’s when I decided to get up and beat up her boyfriend,” Roy said.

Roy went after the man, but the woman hung on his clothes, attempting to deliver an unsuccessful haymaker. Roy kept urging the man to “get your girl off me!”

After the brawl, the woman came back to deliver her finishing move, which was yet another lecture and a promise to beat him again: “I don’t give a fu*k! I hope that someone saw that. I would do that ten times over motherfu*ker.”

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She got her wish. Thousands of people have seen her behavior. The video is below.

The couple called police to report Hernandez and Roy. That didn’t go well for them, either.

It turns out that having a bodycam paid off. Police were ready to charge the couple, but the men told the cops to drop it.

California has a mask order, but not when you’re eating. Isn’t that nice of them?

Roy says the governmental edicts on masks are a farce.

“Nobody really believes in the masks, but everybody is scared of Ken and Karen and I’m not, I don’t care anymore.”

Two lessons here: One, “Ken and Karen,” you’re not the mask police. Two, that couple deserves each other.