The Morning Briefing: Never Trumpers Leg-Hump Every Leftist Narrative Just to Make Friends

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Behold the Low-T Never-Trump Embarrassment 

Happy Thursday, dear brilliant readers of the Kruiser Morning Briefing.

We’re on a journey today to the not-too-distant past. A past when moderate squish Republicans could play nice with real conservatives just to thwart the Democrats.


A time, my friends, before Never Trump.

Yes, it was a brief union. When the Tea Party movement was started by real conservatives, its success made it attractive to a host of moderate Republican grifters who wanted to hang out with us because we threw better parties. Grifters who would one day self-identify as “Never Trump.”

A sad little group, the Never-Trump kids are. They go through life balling their fists, stomping their feet, and being mad at all the wrong things. They turn on their friends to hang out with the kids who they’ve ridiculously misidentified as the popular crowd.

Never Trump began in 2016 when a bunch of pasty and doughy Republican soy boys realized they weren’t ever going to get anyone to clap for Jeb! Bush. Their original intention was to derail any hope of Donald Trump getting elected. They were aiding and abetting the Hillary Clinton campaign and they were doing it under the false pretense of being principled.

In reality, the Never-Trump crowd is one of the least principled groups in the history of American politics, which is a truly bottom-feeding feat. They’re all about the money, and they are making piles of it because there is a lot of gold in them thar turncoat hills.

Never Trump
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I don’t begrudge them the money. I’m a real conservative, so I never get mad at people who find a way to make an extra buck legally. What bothers me is the pretense of being more principled than I am that these Never-Trump hustlers are trying to sell.


In American politics, there is a surefire way to determine the Republican and/or conservative credibility of someone: If the person in question is receiving mostly favorable coverage in the mainstream media, then he or she is not even in the ballpark of Republican/conservative.

While he isn’t pictured in this post for legal reasons, I would like to focus for a moment on David French, formerly of National Review and currently involved with a Never-Trump tantrum site called The Dispatch.

French’s latest “principled conservative” stand found him attacking pro-life Christians, which our old friend Ace brilliantly tore apart here.

In modern social media parlance, any variation of “you’re not really pro-life if…” is always issued by a leftist who really doesn’t care if any babies are killed.

David French just dug in with the baby killers.

Never Trump
 ((AP Photo/Jim Salter, File))

As we get closer to the election all of the Never-Trump types will be abasing themselves at the feet of their leftist masters in the hope of a higher place in the new kingdom.

Worth It. Throw At These Cheaters All (Short) Season Long.

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