The Morning Briefing: Farewell 2019 and May Your Ball Drop on Time

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So That Just Happened

A briefer Briefing today for the readers who are already mentally checked out and ready to float into the new year on a sea of champagne. Personally, I’ve chosen a delightful local IPA to wash me into a 2020 that I am most looking forward to.


The United States is wrapping up the second decade of the 21st century in much better shape than many would have you believe. If you peruse the social media accounts of the Democratic candidates for president, you only read of an America in crisis, a country that needs to be “taken back.” It’s a full-on doomsday message that, were it true, would depress even the greatest of optimists.

Not surprisingly, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the gloomiest of the bunch. Progressives don’t like the things that make most Americans happy: freedom, capital, individualism, and probably puppies too.

Warren can’t go forty-five seconds without saying that she wants to “fight” something or someone. The woman has serious anger issues.

As I look back on the year, I see a resilient America that continues to weather partisan rancor with relative grace. We’re not exactly going full Hong Kong over here.

The country keeps taking all of the madness that the tantrum-y Left is throwing at it and not only surviving, but thriving. The economy continues to give the finger to the lefties who would rather see fellow citizens suffer than hear any good news that would reflect well on the Trump administration.

Tyler wrote an interesting post on Monday that highlights just how incredible the last decade has been, proving that good news has been floating around out there for quite some time.


The Democratic candidates love using the phrase “existential crisis.” Well, when everything is an existential crisis, nothing is an existential crisis.

Pessimism and optimism will be on the ballot in 2020, and anyone paying close attention should be voting for the latter.

It’s going to be fun.


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Life is too short to drink cheap champagne. Be safe out there tonight, kids.


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