The Morning Briefing: Dems' Trump Derangement Syndrome Hits Pathetic New Low

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Democrats Just Can’t Quit Trump

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Grab your castanets and let’s meet in the plaza in twelve minutes.

I hope everyone who is dealing with weather hell in various parts of the country is seeing a little relief on the horizon.

We are a little more than a week away from heading into the second year of March 2020 and our tyrannical Democratic elected elite are focused on anything but ending this stupid plague. Sure, the blame can be spread around but I singled out the Democrats because they’re in power now and one of the ways they got there was by scaring the electorate with a relentless drumbeat of COVID panic porn and promising to focus on the pandemic if they were in charge.

Instead, we’ve been treated to a second failed Trump impeachment trial that ended almost a week ago and nonstop complaining about the man they so desperately wanted to get rid of.

Are we still mentioning the number of new COVID cases each day and blaming them on the president and the party in charge?

I wrote in a Briefing near the end of last month that Trump wasn’t just living rent-free in the Democrats’ heads, he’s opening up office space and doing business there free of charge.

Now that the Democrats have failed to keep Trump from running for president again they’re living in abject terror of him returning in 2024 and ruining their long-term ugly designs on the United States. Couple that with the fact that they can’t really sing Biden’s praises and it’s easy to see that we’re in for a few more years of these snot-bubble toddler fit of theirs.

One thing we’ve learned about the Democrats is that whenever we think they’ve plumbed the murkiest and deepest depths of Trump Derangement Syndrome depravity they find a way to go deeper.

The latest public fit by these partisan psychopaths seeks to harass Trump even after he’s departed this mortal coil.

Victoria has the story:

Democrats want to make Donald Trump’s death as miserable as they tried to make his life in office.

The Democrats began trying to politically kill off Donald Trump before he took office and now they want to kill off his memory up to and after he leaves this mortal coil.

California Democrat Congresswoman Linda Sanchez has introduced a bill to deprive President Trump of the typical honors of every former president.

Her bill, HR 484, is called the “No Glory for Hate Act,” and seeks to deprive the former president from being buried in Arlington National Cemetery or to have any kind of memorials erected in his honor.

Seriously, these are unwell people.

One of the most glaring disconnects with the Democrats’ actions toward Trump is that they’re all dark and hateful and the justification that they use for them is that Trump is hateful.

I don’t like being dismissive of people I don’t agree with politically by saying that they’re stupid, but I really am starting to believe that Democrats don’t know what most words mean.

This is beyond spiteful. This is a sustained level of hate that is pathological. The karmic register can’t look favorable for these people.

I’m not sure the country can handle much more of the Democrats’ brand of unity.

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