Let's Look Back on Some of Biden's Gaffes This Year

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Have you noticed that Joe Biden has a tendency to say and do silly things? You probably have–how could you miss them? I thought it would be a good idea to recount a few of the most notable ones from just this year. Some are kind of funny (until you realize this guy is supposed to president), and others were outright scary.

When he confused himself with Kamala Harris’s husband

This one is slightly more amusing, but still kind of scary considering this is the guy with the nuclear codes. While making remarks at the White House event on “Equal Pay Day,” Biden confused himself with Kamala’s Harris’s husband when he said that “the first lady’s husband” had contracted COVID. Is it possible that he contracted COVID and it was supposed to be a secret? Maybe, but in all likelihood, he didn’t know who he was.

When his State of the Union ad-lib went horrible wrong

Joe Biden is bad enough when he reads from script, but he’s a true dumpster when he speaks off the cuff.

Right after making a push for people to get vaccinated from COVID, Biden felt inspired to make a metaphor that ended in disaster. “We’ve sent 475 million vaccine doses to 112 countries, more than any other nation. And we won’t stop,” he said. “Because you can’t build a wall high enough to keep out…a, a, a, uhh, a vaccine—the vaccine can stop the spread of these diseases.”

When he confused Title 42 and the federal travel mask mandate

On Thursday morning, Biden was asked by a reporter about Title 42, the Trump-era pandemic restriction allowing agents to expel migrants at the border over health concerns. Easy, right? Apparently not. When he responded, he started talking about the recent ruling that the federal transportation mask mandate was unlawful.

When he said his wife was vice president

Biden doesn’t seem to know who he or is wife is these days. Earlier this month, when the Bidens were at the ceremony to mark the commissioning commemoration ceremony of the USS Delaware, Biden seemingly said that his wife had been vice president—not him.

“I’m deeply proud of the work she’s doing as first lady with Joining Forces initiative she started with Michelle Obama when she was vice president and now carries on,” Mr Biden said.

The White House once again had to correct Biden’s words in the official White House transcript, which reads:

And I’m deeply proud of the work she is doing as First Lady with Joining Forces initiative she started with Michelle Obama when she [I] was Vice President and now carries on.

When he tried to make a stupid point about guns

Last week, Biden started to glitch while trying to make a point about ghost guns… or something.

“Imagine had the tobacco industry been immune to prostitute being sued,” Biden said.


Okay, it seems likely that Biden meant to say “immune to prosecution” but had his son Hunter Biden on the brain and said “prostitute” instead.

When he said NATO would use chemical weapons against Russia

This was definitely one of those moments where Biden’s gaffe wasn’t funny. Last month, Biden bizarrely said that NATO would “respond in kind” to a chemical weapons attack by Russia on Ukraine—effectively implying that NATO would use chemical weapons on Russia.

“If chemical weapons were used in Ukraine, would that trigger a military response from NATO?” Cecilia Vega of ABC News asked Biden.

“It would trigger a response in kind,” he replied.

Maybe he didn’t understand what the phrase meant, but if he didn’t, does that actually make you feel better about the gaffe?

When he suggested that American troops were going to Ukraine

Another not-so-funny gaffe was this one, which could have triggered World War III. While visiting U.S. troops in Poland, Biden told the 82nd Airborne that they would see when they went into Ukraine.

“And you’re gonna see when you’re there, suh- suh- some of you have been there, you’re gonna see, you’re gonna see women, young people standin’, standin’ in the middle, in the front of a damn tank, just sayin’ ‘I’m not leavin’. I’m holdin’ my ground.’ They’re incredible.”

The White House was forced to clarify that our troops would not be going into Ukraine, but this incident nevertheless prompted Nigel Farage to suggest it was time to invoke the 25th Amendment.

When he called for regime change in Russia

This next one occurred in the same week as the previous two, and if someone better than Kamala Harris were vice president, I’m sure the 25th Amendment would have been invoked. Biden likes to pretend to be tough when it comes to Russia, but he took things too far when went off script and called for regime change in Russia, declaring, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power” about Vladimir Putin.

It’s pretty sad that Biden can’t seem to speak unscripted without contradicting U.S. policy.



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