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Monday, June 24

Pork No, Killing Infidels Sí by Robert Spencer

The opening of Robert’s article this week:

Last week in the central Pennsylvania hamlet of St. Marys, a 25-year-old man named Joshua Lee Coffey did what no 25-year-old man who is still living with his mother should ever do: he expressed his dislike for the dinner she served him. It was pork, you see, and as a pious convert to Islam, Coffey considered pork unclean, and his mother inconsiderate for having served it.

But “inconsiderate” is understated. A war of words escalated quickly – at least as far as young Coffey was concerned. He complained to his mother that she was trying to “poison” him with the pork, reminding her that Islam forbade the consumption of The Other White Meat. His fury rising, he soon threatened to kill her, as well as her boyfriend, Mark Blair, who was also present for the fateful pork dinner.

Obama Echoes KKK in Ireland Anti-School Choice Comments by Paula Bolyard

Scientists Have No Explanation for the Evaporative Qualities of My Low-Carb Brownies Recipe by Sarah Hoyt

Three Random Observations on the Mad Men Season Six Finale by James Lileks

Many thanks to Ed Driscoll for preparing this first-rate piece from the always entertaining James Lileks.


Tocqueville Believed there was a higher rate of insanity among Americans than Europeans! Pg 57 of Tocqueville on American Character by Michael Ledeen.

Tuesday, June 25

Conrad Black Still Loves FDR (In Spite of Amity Shlaes) By Kathy Shaidle

Part 2 of Kathy’s engaging commentary on the life, ideas, and new book of Conrad Black. Part 3 was published today.

How to Simultaneously Fuel Both Your Car AND Coffee Addictions By Becky Graebner

The first part of Becky Graebner’s guide to driving destinations around Washington D.C.

Can We Actually Even Tell if Humans Are Affecting the Climate? By Charlie Martin

We decided to feature this erudite article from Charlie on the day of the President’s phrenology climate change speech…

What Do Southerners Think of Paula Deen? by Chris Queen

Chris has continued to keep up with the Paula Deen story.

Cross Posts from PJ Columnists:

RIP I Am Legend Author Richard Matheson by Ed Driscoll

Paula Deen Vs Quentin Tarantino By Ed Driscoll


I decided to group together and cross-post four pieces on Edward Snowden:

Edward Snowden, Part 1: Hate the Traitor, Love the Treason By J. Christian Adams

Edward Snowden, Part 2: A Saga Without Heroes By Bryan Preston

Edward Snowden, Part 3: An Anti-American in Limbo By Ron Radosh

Edward Snowden, Part 4: What He Didn’t Know by Richard Fernandez

From introduction of Reagan: In His Own Hand.

Wednesday, June 26

Bad Advice: Slack Off More By Hannah Sternberg

Hannah offers advice that many of us know we should take…

A Satire on Living, Loving, and Surviving in Washington, D.C.: A Drink at the Bar by Becky Graebner

Becky takes a break from House of Cards this week and begins her analysis of D.C.’s dating culture.

Cross Posts from PJ Columnists:

Bye-Bye, DOMA, Bye-Bye by Stephen Green

‘The Majority of Service Members Who Are Sexually Assaulted Each Year Are Men…’ by Helen Smith

Dr. Helen does such a great job of finding fascinating excerpts…


Thursday, June 27

The Science of What Is and Isn’t Happening with the NSA’s Phone Surveillance by Charlie Martin

Thursdays we try and aim for more of a geek culture theme. Last week Charlie really established his science bonafides beyond dispute IMHO with this debut Thursday science geek article. It’s essential reading to grasp the science behind what the NSA is actually doing.

The other three geek culture posts of the day — Theme Park Geek Chris Queen’s River Country memorial, Video Game Geek Walter Hudson’s thoughts on the challenges of a Superman video game, and Gearhead Car Geek Becky Graebner’s ongoing skepticism of electric vehicles — are a bit less disturbing than the realization that the government really is spying on us all. Stephen Green also had some great tech geek posts on Microsoft and Apple.

Forgotten Walt Disney World: River Country by Chris Queen

Man of Steel the Video Game? by Walter Hudson

The 90-Second Tesla Battery Swap: Misleading and Far From ‘Magic’ By Becky Graebner

Cross Posts from PJ Columnists:

Another Smart Move by Microsoft By Stephen Green

Apple’s New Ad is a Minus By Stephen Green 


Friday, June 28

Roy Disney: The Not-So-Silent Partner By Chris Queen

Chris continues his fascinating blogging exploring Disney film history. I can’t wait to read some of these books that he’s writing about.

Killing in the Nolan Multiverse By Walter Hudson

Walter’s done a lot of writing lately about villains, now he considers how the new Batman films consider the morality of heroes who kill.

Cross Posts from the Tatler and PJ Columnists:

Why Hollywood Loves Guns By Stephen Kruiser

Why Blu Ray Failed By Stephen Green


Saturday, June 29

On Saturday we’ve got three different approaches to self-improvement. Charlie Martin has another installment of his health and weight loss 13 Weeks regimen. Rhonda Robinson announces the start of her weekly efforts at budgeting and increasing family revenue. And Sarah Hoyt continues her plans to maximize her creative organization — advice for freelancer and everyone who works from home continues.

How You Can Gain 10 Pounds in 5 Days By Charlie Martin

5 Rules For Lifting Your Family Out of Economic Hardship By Rhonda Robinson

The Case For Making Lots of Lists By Sarah Hoyt


Sunday, June 30

Each Sunday PJ Lifestyle strives to offer a variety of religious and ethical perspectives on cultural issues:

Millennial Girls Are Easy: Sex, Power & Porn By Susan L.M. Goldberg

New Great Awakening: America is Not a Christian Nation By Paula Bolyard 

Israel’s First Astronaut: A Tale of Tragedy and Miracle By P. David Hornik

Life Sucks By Charlie Martin

How Your Child’s Rebellion Mirrors Your Own by Walter Hudson 

Cross Posts from the Tatler and PJ Columnists:

Church Without God? By Ed Driscoll

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