The Morning Briefing: Sycophant Press Can't Cover for Biden's Opening Train Wreck

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Not Enough Lipstick for Biden’s Pig of a First Week

Happy Thursday, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’ve been going a little overboard with the kimchi these past couple of weeks.

I’ve been off on this thing about seeking out new experiences wherever and whenever I can lately. A lot of that has to do with the birthday I’ve got staring me in the face (I’ll be 146 in March — I moisturize) and also because I’ve been at home and working and not leaving town for almost a freakin’ year now and the stir crazy is all over my brain.

I began traveling a different kind of political path in 2016. While being immersed in politics at a time when emotions were running rather high, I discovered a way to just check out and not let it bother me anymore. I explored the journey in a short book I wrote titled Straight Outta Feelings: Politcal Zen in the Age of Outrage. If you’re thinking I was just looking for a way to get in a shameless plug for the book, you’re wrong.

There is no shame whatsoever involved when a capitalist plugs his work in an effort to make a buck.

I did have another reason though. Despite how I may seem to be here, my 2016 path continues. I want to make sure that every day stays that way.

What’s been happening since the first of the year is that I’ve been anticipating what might happen with this new president. That’s not exactly the road to calm. It’s the road to worry. Worry is agitating.

So I’ve decided that my new experience will be not trying to figure out what Old Joe is going to do. My new mantra is “Let Biden Happen.”

Well, he’s happening all over the place.

We’re soon going to need NASA computers to track the number of executive orders issuing forth from the puppet president. It’s no big secret that conservative folks like me aren’t thrilled with any of them. It would seem, however, that Biden may be doing some bipartisan stepping on toes.

My colleague Beth Baumann has a post at our sister site Townhall about the buyer’s remorse four congressional Democrats are already experiencing over one of those orders:

Democrats were all in for then-candidate Joe Biden. Their goal was simple: get President Donald Trump out of office. They were willing to do anything and everything to make sure that happened. And now, four Texas Democrats are regretting their decision to back Biden. The reason: his latest executive order putting a halt to federal land being leased to oil and gas companies for energy.

The four members of Congress – Reps. Vincente Gonzalez, Lizzie Fletcher, Henry Cuellar, and Marc Veasey – sent a letter to Biden, asking him to rescind the order.

One week isn’t much of a honeymoon for a new president.

The news for Ol’ Gropes gets worse when we take a look at how voters are feeling.

Stacey has more:

President Biden has signed more than 30 Executive Orders since his inauguration, but his rhetoric or priorities aren’t resonating with voters. While much of what he has done was entirely predictable, some groups, like labor unions, still seem astonished.

Biden’s first Daily Presidential Tracking Poll put him into negative approval territory at -2. It has gotten worse. On Monday, he dropped to -4. Tuesday, he moved down again to -5. This trend is quite a feat. President Trump started at +2 and rose to +13 in the first days of his presidency. He began to decline with an onslaught of negative and cynical coverage regarding the so-called Muslim ban.

Biden has received very little negative coverage, with much of the corporate media applauding his early moves because they align with the liberal gentry’s priorities. However, even groups that endorsed him have indicated they are disappointed in his energy policy decisions and the Executive Order on gender identity. That has not stopped the flurry of executive actions, though. Yesterday was “equity day,” and President Biden signed additional deeply unpopular orders.

Very little negative coverage indeed. I scour the news on the days that I do this Briefing and I’ve mostly been seeing a lot of gushing about Biden’s dogs and reminders that he is the greatest Catholic since Mother Teresa. The rest of the time the press is continuing to air out their myriad daddy issues by complaining about the president they couldn’t wait to get rid of.

If he’s not tracking well after getting fluffed for seven days by the mainstream media, they may have to be honest about him on occasion here soon. I won’t be holding my breath, of course — I’m not anticipating, remember? Still, it could happen.

President Biden has an unhealthy preoccupation with undoing everything President Trump did but the simple fact is that a lot of Trump’s policies made Democrats’ lives better too. Biden and his handlers are being driven by blind ideology. They’re also all deep-swamp Washington elitists who have almost no connection to everyday Americans and have no idea what we commoners want and need.

Empty Joe is already firmly in the clutches of Big Green, and that’s a lobby that’s run by upper echelon financial interests that are wealthy enough to be insulated from the financial havoc they wreak. Mayor Pete’s promise of better, higher-paying green jobs somewhere down the road is a load of garbage. The new Commerce Secretary nominee was cavalier about raising taxes to pay for the green agenda. How is that going to resonate with people who have just spent a year in the grips of financial devastation?

Team Biden will no doubt try to blame Trump for as many things as they can for as long as they can.

Broke people may not be very open to that spin.

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