The Morning Briefing: WaPo Idiot Thinks Biden Is Head of the Church of England or Something

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Media Keeps Mistaking Joe Biden for a Roman Catholic

Happy Tuesday, travelers on the Kruiser Morning Briefing way. We’ve got a fire pit and tacos out in the compound’s courtyard.

After having made it through the Obama years as an observer and critic of the mainstream media, I really didn’t think that there could be anything more mouthbarf-inducing than the cloying fan club treatment the MSM gave him.

Wow, did I miss the mark on that one.

The Biden days, weeks, or months (no one seriously thinks this guy is going to last years in office) are going to see the media redefining “wearisome.”

I didn’t spend much time pondering just how insufferable the media might become during a Biden presidency for two reasons: I was holding out hope that the Democrats wouldn’t be able to steal the election and I didn’t think that the faux journoscum could shred their First Amendment responsibilities any further.

There is a clear reason why they are going to be worse now.

All of the people in the leftmedia were identifying as swooning teenage schoolgirls when The Lightbringer was in office. The weren’t really reporting, they were keeping feelings journals, dotting every “i” with a heart and fighting to keep tears of joy from ruining the pages. They were on “Isn’t he dreamy?” autopilot.

The huge difference now is that none of them really like Biden that much, if at all. To fulfill their lust for getting rid of ORANGE MAN BAD, the MSM was forced to install in the Oval Office an empty-head moron who can’t navigate three sentences without losing his ability to speak his native language. The poor dears who have to keep this charade afloat have to go way over the top to do so. They need to over-correct by making things up just so they can pretend that there is some “there” there with Drooling Joe.

That brings me to this bit of tedium in The Washington Post from last week that claimed Biden could “redefine what it means to be ‘a Catholic in good standing.’”

Here’s the gist of it:

Despite these divisions, Biden is poised to make his mark on American Catholicism. For the next four years, the country will see its president go to Mass every Sunday, take out a rosary at times of contemplation, and quote his favorite childhood nuns and Catholic poets. And it will watch him try to navigate polarizing issues of special interest to his church that John F. Kennedy never had to take a position on — abortion, LGBTQ rights and climate change among them.

“It’s potentially a game-changer in American politics,” said Kathleen Sprows Cummings, head of the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame. When Biden has spoken in detail about his faith, he has emphasized the values of welcome and decency, and that the worst sin is the abuse of power. With those images in the White House, Cummings said, “there is a potential to expand our national conversation about faith in public life beyond the abortion question. When you look at the whole picture you see someone who is a person of faith in a way [President] Trump is clearly not. Trump focuses on this world and on himself.”

The reason that most practicing Roman Catholics — myself included — like being Catholic is that the Church doesn’t get blown about by the political and social whims of the day.

It’s a pure leftist media fever dream that a president who received endorsements from every abortion group in America is in a position to define or redefine anything about Catholicism. It’s not a minor issue that can be glossed over for political convenience. Even the current pope — who isn’t exactly a fan favorite among many Catholics — doesn’t offer any wiggle room here. Francis has repeatedly spoken out against abortion and euthanasia, reaffirming the sanctity of life from the moment of conception through old age.

The American media exhibits this kind of arrogance whenever it’s time for the Church to elect a new pope. Most who write about or report on Catholicism don’t have the slightest clue what they’re talking about. The central component of the aforementioned fever dream is the idea that somehow the Roman Church will toss aside more than two millennia of tradition and become something more palatable to American leftists.

I wish I knew how to say “Oh HELL no!” in Latin.

Joe Biden isn’t Henry VIII. He doesn’t get to make up a new church that he likes better.

And he’s not quoting any poets. The guy can’t tell you what he’s having for breakfast while he’s eating it. Stop already.

Our sister site Twitchy had some good reaction to a lib’s tweet about the WaPo article. Here was my favorite:


Now let’s get to those tacos.

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