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Portland Mayor Claims to 'Resolve' RHAZ Armed Antifa Takeover With 'Family' and It's Totally On-Brand

Portland Mayor Claims to 'Resolve' RHAZ Armed Antifa Takeover With 'Family' and It's Totally On-Brand
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The man who did little to nothing as the violent mob from antifa and Black Lives Matter has violently looted, set on fire, vandalized and terrorized parts of Portland since last spring says he’s resolved the armed takeover of a Portland house and surrounding neighborhood. Mayor Ted Wheeler’s “solution” is totally on-brand. In short, he’s capitulating to the bizarre family that let the house go two years ago and the armed mob that defends them.

The Portland mayor says he’s reached an agreement to get the streets back open so neighbors will not be forced to go through armed antifa checkpoints like it’s Gaza or Beirut.

KATU TV reports that in exchange for clearing the streets, the developer who bought the house in foreclosure two years ago will sell it back to the family for what he paid.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said he and the Kinney family have reached an agreement to dismantle the blockades that surround what’s known as the Red House on Mississippi Ave, which has been at the center of an anti-gentrification protest in recent weeks.

Wheeler said an agreement was reached late Saturday evening that “will result in the re-opening the streets and sidewalks in the area,” and called the development an “important step toward de-escalation and a long-term resolution” for both the North Portland neighborhood and the Kinney family. The specifics of the agreement Wheeler referenced were not immediately available.

On Friday, the real estate investor who came to own the Red House, Roman Ozeruga, the co-owner of Urban Housing Development LLC, offered to sell the property back to the Kinney family.

Ozeruga said he would sell the home at cost without providing more specifics and that he contacted the office of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who has said that he hoped to negotiate a settlement to end the demonstrations at the site.

In case you missed the nuance, Wheeler’s idea of resolution is to capitulate to the armed terrorists holding the neighborhood hostage and who prevent journalists from covering the story like the totalitarians they are.

The family, who, as PJ Media’s Rick Moran reported, lives in another home nearby, has enough money to buy the red house outright. A Go-Fund-Me and CashApp page has scraped together more than $309,000 for them.

The developer, Roman Ozeruga, acquired the house in foreclosure in 2018 after the Kinney family failed to make payments on it for 17 months.

The backstory on the family is downright bizarre. The Kinney family reportedly began having issues when their son got in trouble with the law. According to an informative and sourced Twitter thread by a user called “Redcoast,” the family took out a loan to help pay the legal bills for their son, whose speeding killed an 83-year old newsletter columnist and book store owner in another car. Kinney fled the scene. The elderly man’s wife was put in the hospital with serious injuries.

The younger Kinney, 17 years old at the time, was forbidden from driving again and ordered to prison. He served time mulitiple times and eventually was put in the state mental hospital.

Somewhere along the line, the Kinneys appear to adopt the Sovereign Citizens school of thought, which doesn’t adhere to governmental rules and laws and instead considers themselves “living American sovereign[s] standing with Treaty Law of God.”

The son changes his name to “William X. Nietzche (note the spelling), and refers to his parents as “Mickey, Pharaoh; and Jewel, Empress of Compassion.” William threatens a judge and is found in contempt (again)”

Mayor Wheeler’s supposed “resolution” is that the man who legally and contractually bought the property out of foreclosure in 2018 will now sell the house back to the family that owns another home two miles away. Wheeler hopes that the armed antifa and BLM terrorists will comply and open up the streets. Just like they left downtown Portland alone when ordered. Downtown Portland is still boarded up to prevent further damage by the violent rampaging mob.

In a statement issued by the city on Sunday, Wheeler said that he did what he could to “protect lives.”

My goal remains finding a peaceful resolution to the situation on North Mississippi Avenue. My focus has been on protecting lives.
An agreement in principle we reached late Saturday evening will result in the re-opening the streets and sidewalks in the area near the Red House on Mississippi. This agreement is an important step toward de-escalation and a long-term resolution for the neighborhood and the Kinney family.
I maintain measured optimism that we can accomplish this step and move toward the next steps to advance the safety and well-being of the family and the safety of the neighborhood.
I also want to acknowledge the neighbors and the challenges this situation created for them. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we took the time needed to try to resolve what is a very dangerous situation.

Ah yes, the neighbors. They made more than 80 complaints because of the scores of campers, druggies, thieves, and ne’er do wells camped out at the house, creating a dangerous environment for the locals. So what if the Kinneys can buy back the house to go with their other one blocks away? How does that change the situation for the neighbors? What happens to the property thieves and rabble camping out?

At this point, nothing.


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