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Evicted Former Owners of 'Little Red House' in Portland Living in a Second Home They Own

Protesters stand behind barricades at their encampment outside a home in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020. Makeshift barricades erected by protesters are still up in Oregon's largest city a day after Portland police arrested about a dozen people in a clash over gentrification and the eviction of a family from a home. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)

The ‘Little Red House” in Portland has become another lightning rod for activists looking to upend the system and ordinary people wanting sanity to prevail. Essentially, a black family, the Kinneys, lost the house through foreclosure in 2018 and have refused to leave, leading to confrontations between police and protesters wishing to stop the “gentrification” of the neighborhood.

Another victim of capitalism, right? Well, not exactly. Instead of the poor black family getting thrown out into the street, as they are being portrayed by activists and the media, are doing quite nicely in a second home they own.

Fox News:

The Kinney family has continued legal challenges to their eviction, and they have stayed at a second home during the protests that’s located less than 2 miles from the “Red House,” OPB reported.

When OPB reporters visited the home, the Kinneys’ son Michael answered the door, confirming that the family owned it, but then told the outlet they needed to schedule an interview for any further questions.

Both the red house and the home the Kinneys are living in now were purchased by the mother, Pauline, in the 1950s. After paying off the house, the family was forced to take out another mortgage to pay for legal fees after a family member was arrested in 2002.

Roman Ozeruga, 33, bought the house through a foreclosure sale in 2018 for $260,000. Any family that owns two homes in a city with property values as high as Portland’s should not be pleading poverty.

Ozeruga has offered to sell the house at cost back to the Kinneys if it will cool off the situation.

“We appreciate the opportunity to listen to what people have to say,” Ozeruga said in a statement to Portland TV station KGW. “We are very much open to listen to proposals that can de-escalate and prevent violence that would benefit the neighborhood & community.”

It’s amazing that the Kinneys are trying to make this a BLM issue.

“The tactics we are facing, of sneaky and illegal foreclosure tactics, predatory banking and loans, elected judges who take campaign contributions from the real estate industry, coupled with violence from law enforcement and no real due process, have been used across this historically Black neighborhood to displace Black and poor people,” Julie Metcalf Kinney, the family matriarch, said in a statement. “If Black and Indigenous lives matter in Portland, this must stop.”

Did they miss any left-wing catchphrases? “Illegal foreclosure tactics”? “Predatory banking”? Judges who “take campaign contributions from the real estate industry”? Nope, they didn’t.

They don’t have to prove any of that. They don’t have to cite examples. They don’t even have to offer any evidence. We must believe every word they utter because…well, just because.

Like many shootings of unarmed or poorly armed black kids, this issue hasn’t been created to help a family or even prove a point about “gentrification.” It’s been made into an issue because it will draw national attention and, with expert enough spinning, it can be twisted into an issue of race.

A not-very-poor family was evicted for not paying what they rightfully and legally owed on a house. How that translates into racism is a matter for the expert propagandists at Black Lives Matter.

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