The Morning Briefing: House Democrats Are the Biggest Losers of 2020 Election

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House Democrats Set Their Autopilot On a Course to Self-Destruct

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Let’s all go in on a food truck.

We’re continuing a bit from yesterday’s theme, when the focus was on Granny Boxwine and whether she was going to continue being America’s greatest political cockroach and survive another challenge to her throne. As I watched the news unfold yesterday, it was obvious that the rancor among House Democrats was growing and worth keeping an eye on. Is it merely post-election frustration or is this a problem that will plague the Democrats in the House well into next year?

It might be the latter.

Most of us on the Right truly believe that the Democratic Party has, at its heart, become progressive through and through. It could be, however, that there are varying degrees of progressivism that will be tolerated at one time over there.

Who knew? All commies look alike to me.

The blame assignment among the Democrats for severely under-performing last week has been directed at the young “Squad” progressives. You know, the loud ones the media fawns over all the time. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her crew may not have the numbers to be in complete control just yet, but they are definitely louder than anyone in their party.

The friction between the Squad and the relatively less insane Democrats is growing daily now. Tyler wrote last night about AOC’s former chief of staff calling for Pelosi’s head after the Dems’ poor election performance. He wasn’t suggesting that she lose the next election for Speaker, he said she should be resigning right now.

Can you feel the love in the room?

Yesterday, Squad shrieking harridan Rashida Tlaib did some complaining of her own about the Democratic party establishment, which Rick wrote about:

Politico reports that Tlaib is pretending to be “silenced” by other Democrats and that she’s being prevented from speaking. “We’re not going to be successful if we’re silencing districts like mine,” Tlaib told Politico. “Me not being able to speak on behalf of many of my neighbors right now, many of which are Black neighbors, means me being silenced. I can’t be silent.”

What is she talking about? I guess she’s just not comfortable unless she can play the victim.

“We are not interested in unity that asks people to sacrifice their freedom and their rights any longer,” said Tlaib, whose Michigan district is among the poorest in the country. “And if we truly want to unify our country, we have to really respect every single voice. We say that so willingly when we talk about Trump supporters, but we don’t say that willingly for my Black and brown neighbors and from LGBTQ neighbors or marginalized people,” she said.

It’s quite rich that Tlaib is claiming that the Democrats are trying to silence her and her progressive gal pals, as that’s the thing that House leadership has most failed at doing when it comes to them. Pelosi probably crawls into her box of Franzia every night just trying to get away from the sound of their voices.

I would say that we are witnessing a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party, but we all know it doesn’t have one. It is, however, a very dysfunctional family feud that isn’t likely to get better any time soon. The Democratic establishment openly courted its progressive wing throughout the campaign. Joe Biden, the party’s “moderate” candidate, ran to the left of Fidel Castro’s ghost to be able to steal the election. It’s more than disingenuous for the Elders of the Village to be blaming the loudmouth kids for their electoral failure.

There is also the fact that it is Bernie Sanders who puts the cream in the Squad’s coffee and he’s been elevated to god-like status by the rabid Democratic youth. As long as he’s around, the Prog Squad will continue to be emboldened.

This election exposed some ugly truths for House Democrats. Not only was their majority weakened to the point of practically being impotent, but it’s got them bickering over what seem to be — for the moment anyway — irreconcilable differences. Those differences aren’t ideological — they’re all commies now, after all. This is really an ugly personality conflict between the old guard and the upstarts. The former wanted the latter to be nice and loud in order to help Grandpa Gropes into the White House and now they want them to shut up.

It’s like none of them have ever met AOC.

I might even be rooting for her just to keep the turmoil among the Dems turned up to 11.


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