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President Trump Is Simply Following Hillary Clinton's Advice

AP Photo/Richard Drew

The election isn’t over. As allegations and evidence of fraud pile up, the Trump campaign is determined to ensure that only legal and legitimate ballots are counted in the 2020 election.

While many — particularly Democrats and members of the mainstream media — are calling on Trump to concede, it’s worth noting here that Trump isn’t doing anything different than what his former rival, Hillary Clinton, advised Joe Biden to do back in August.

“We’ve got to have a massive legal operation, I know the Biden campaign is working on that,” Hillary said to her former communications director Jennifer Palmieri in an interview. “We have to have poll workers, and I urge people, who are able, to be a poll worker. We have to have our own teams of people to counter the force of intimidation that the Republicans and Trump are going to put outside polling places.”

“This is a big organizational challenge, but at least we know more about what they’re going to do and Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch, and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is,” Clinton said.

Instead, what happened was as Trump showed leads in various battleground states, counting was halted and questionable dumps of ballots kept added up. “Human errors” added votes for Biden, and a statistically improbable number of votes for only Biden shifted various states in his favor.

Democrats accuse Republicans repeated of voter suppression that never pans out, but now we have evidence and allegations of fraud that have to be investigated. Like Hillary said, I believe we will win “if we don’t give an inch, and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is.”


Matt Margolis is the author of the new book Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trumpand the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattMargolis

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