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Voting for Joe Biden Won't Save You From the Mob

Voting for Joe Biden Won't Save You From the Mob
Screenshot from Twitter video.

The poor fellow in this video probably voted for Joe Biden to end all the national drama, along with other reasons. But on election night, BLM activists showed up in his neighborhood with drums, flashing lights, bullhorns, and obscenities. The national drama not only failed to end, it showed up on his lawn and called him a “white supremacist” when he stood on his porch and asked them to be peaceful.


Not The Bee follows the sequence of events: Mob shows up in a quiet Portland neighborhood (there won’t be many of those left before long), causes a ruckus, resident asks them to be peaceful, the mob accuses him of instigating and calls him a racist, and more mayhem ensues. The man ends up apologizing to the mob after they steal his phone, so he can get that phone back from the thieves. The mob still considers the man, who voted for Biden, a “white supremacist” and a “distraction” from the movement. If they had asked him to ritually denounce himself, if they’d demanded he shave his head and give them his shirt, he’d have probably gone along just to end the terror. There were dozens of them to just one of him, and the police were evidently nowhere to be found.

Portland will not protect its residents from any of this. It has proven this over the past several months. Portland releases rioters who engage in violence and has gutted and demoralized its police. Whether you voted for Joe Biden or the Man in the Moon, where the mob has sway, you’re on your own.


Austin, this could be you soon. Seattle, Minneapolis, Dallas…wherever the “defund the police” movement has gained ground, this could be you.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) is worried about his party’s brand, reports Salena Zito.

“Our brand is not good,” he said. “We have 70 million people who either hate us or are afraid of us or believe there is this vast spread of socialism in our party. It is why we lost so many seats in the House, or some seats were a lot closer than we wanted.”

He’s right, but the rot is deeper than he allows. Where is the Democrat leader who will denounce “defund the police” and other destructive far-left antics and policies? Where’s their presumptive president-elect? He’s busy telling the world the Iran nuclear deal is back on. He’s not busy telling any mobs anywhere in America to stand down and stop harassing Americans, and he’s not telling any Democrat DA to start prosecuting violent rioters.

The looming fear is that Joe Biden, who has never been a particularly strong-minded or principled character, will be a sock puppet of whoever has the most sway and power around him. It’s akin to the weak and enfeebled Roman emperors and Egyptian pharaohs who couldn’t control the court intrigue around them.

Ryan wants a more moderate Democratic Party, for his own political survival. So do several other Democrats who barely won reelection last week as their House majority was pared to the bone. Current Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already refusing to denounce the hard left as she fights not for the soul of the party but for her own career. Rep. Maxine Waters, AOC, and others with larger media megaphones than Ryan are aligning with the mobs. Some in the media are egging the mobs on too, in their own way.


BLM says it wants something in return for its vote for Biden. BLM is run by trained Marxists. Will the mildly mannered folks like Tim Ryan win the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party, or will the people who have no problem rioting, trespassing, stealing, and denouncing anyone and everyone as “racist” win?

Where’s Joe Biden?

The coming battle across the fruited plains may be less Republican versus Democrat or urban versus rural than classical liberal versus Maoist revolutionary. It’s certainly not racial; Trump helped close the racial divide by earning more minority votes than any previous Republican in decades. He hauled in more than 41% of the Hispanic vote in Texas.

The Maoists don’t have a majority across the country, and they may not have a majority in the Democratic Party. They don’t even really have a majority in Portland.

Yet where they’re allowed to fester, they have de facto control. The Biden voter in the video found this out the hard way on election night after he thought he’d done his duty. They asserted control of his neighborhood, his stoop, and his phone for a while.

It’s up to the Democrats who still cherish liberty to repudiate and resist them. Will they?

Fortune favors the bold, so they say.

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