The Morning Briefing: Debate Questions With a Republican Bias I'd Like to Hear

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My Debate Dream

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Let’s start a nachos club.

As we look ahead to another sham of a “debate” that is once again going to be moderated by a Democratic partisan, I find myself wondering what these things might be like if every question weren’t framed to serve leftist talking points.

Hey, a guy can dream.

Join me, won’t you, on this flight of fancy that imagines the existence of a curious, professional journalist class in America. There was a time when curious journalists roamed freely in the United States. They asked questions of politicians that had nothing to do with personal agendas. Let us pretend those days still exist and wonder what kinds of queries might be put to one Joseph Robinette Biden.


“Vice President Biden, what exactly is your involvement with the Communist Party of China?”

This is an obvious one that never seems to come up. As my friend and colleague Stephen Green likes to say, Joe Biden is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party. His entanglements with the ChiComs are disturbing and warrant at least an inquiry or two.


“Vice President Biden, please explain how your proposals wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class.”

Joe Biden is yet another Democratic politician who is promising goodies from the federal government and pretending that the tax burden on a few billionaires in America is going to pay for everything. He will no doubt gouge the rich, but the math never works out in a way that leaves the not-rich completely unscathed by excess taxes. It would be wonderful to see a brave journo-type press Grandpa Gropes on how he would achieve his grandiose plans without hitting up every American for an extra dime or two.


“Vice President Biden, do you know what day it is?”

It needs to be clarified.


“Vice President Biden, how are we to believe that your idiot druggie son achieved anything without your help?”

The more we learn, the more this question becomes valid. At this point, it’s difficult to imagine that Hunter Biden wasn’t promising eventual access to the launch codes to his oligarch friends.


“Vice President Biden, why do you keep lying about your plans for fracking?”

Yeah Joe, why?


“Vice President Biden, are you going to be a bitter old man and add justices to the Supreme Court because Democrats keep failing to affect change via the legislative process?”

Joe…over here. Wake up.


“Vice President Biden, if elected, will Mama Jill ever let you stay up past breakfast time?”

I could go on, but I think that these are a good starting point. We know what we’re going to get tonight, though. There will be a laundry list of idiotic concerns put forth by the Democratic National Committee. The process is so thoroughly rigged now that it’s amazing a Republican ever wins a presidential election. The leftmedia Democratic flying monkeys want to make sure that can’t happen anymore.

Those pesky flyover country Americans and their Constitution keep the heart of the Republic beating for now. Let’s enjoy it while we can.

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