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PROOF? NY Post Publishes Photo of Joe Biden With Hunter's Kazakh Business Partner

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

Joe Biden is the Sgt. Schultz of presidential candidates. He sees NOTHING. He hears NOTHING. He says NOTHING. He apparently barely knows his son Hunter — certainly not well enough to know anything about his business dealings. That’s what the man says and since he’s a liberal Democrat, that’s God’s honest truth.

Along comes the New York Post — a newspaper with a decidedly conservative bent — which says it has found proof that Mr. Biden is a liar. Emails found on a discarded (or forgotten) laptop reportedly show that Joe Biden was intimately familiar with his son’s business dealings, contrary to what he has frequently and strenuously stated.

The Biden campaign didn’t have to do much. They just sat back and let their media allies do the dirty work of discrediting the Post, the story, and anyone who reposted the offending material. The tactics they used were old-fashioned: distract, misdirect, and ignore corroborating evidence.

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That last is probably what they’ll do with the latest revelations from the Post. A Kazakhstan anti-corruption website —  the Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery — has published an undated photo of Joe Biden and his son with the former president of Kazakhstan and billionaire oligarch Kenes Rakishev. Rakishev reportedly dined regularly with Hunter Biden and tried to get him to invest in New York, Washington, D.C., and a Nevada mining company.

New York Post:

A Daily Mail report published Friday detailed Hunter Biden’s alleged work with Rakishev, claiming he dined regularly with the Kazakh businessman and attempted to facilitate investment for his cash in New York, Washington, DC, and a Nevada mining company.

But Rakishev, who enjoys close ties to Kazakhstan’s kleptocratic former president, reportedly ran into trouble when Western business partners realized that the opaque origins of his reported $300 million fortune could become a “liability,” the Mail reported.

Rakishev ended up investing a million dollars in Alexandra Forbes Kerry’s production company. I guess it sure helps when you know someone.

UK Daily Mail:

Rakishev, who wrote messages in broken English, appears to have become intimate with the Vice President’s son, calling Hunter ‘my brother!’ and ‘my brother from another mother!’.

They shared gossip about their family holidays and dined together at luxury restaurants in New York and Washington DC (‘I’m on vacation with family [at] Lake Michigan . . . trying to spend some much needed time with my wife and daughters. It’s my 20th anniversary of marriage tomorrow,’ Hunter told Rakishev in July 2013).

If Joe Biden cared about his son, why did he enable his shady business dealings when he must have known that Hunter was trying to cash in on his dad’s position as vice president? It’s questions like that which will never be answered by Joe Biden.