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Could Weird Austin Go Red? Local GOP Says Dems Are Donating to Republicans in Record Numbers

Image by Kate Baucherel from Pixabay

Austin has long been the blue dot in Texas’ red sea. But that could change soon.

The Travis County GOP Communications Director Andy Hogue says there’s every reason for citizens of Austin to be optimistic about Republican races this year. Hogue told PJ Media, “Democrats are donating to us in unprecedented numbers. We’ve never seen this before.” Hogue says that the local GOP recognizes regular donors but when new names started coming in, they started looking them up to see who they are.

“We kept finding Democrats who have never donated before.”

Two seats on the all-Democrat Austin City Council are hotly contested. Newcomer Republican candidate Mackenzie Kelly is challenging in District 6, doing well, and could deliver an upset.

Hogue says that Austin has become a tent city since the far-left takeover of the city council. The people of Austin are not happy with the mess and the huge increase in crime that came with defunding the police budget by a third. Louis C. Herrin III is running for the other contested seat on the council, opposing the far-left agenda and supporting law and order.

Hogue also reports that Austin area bars and restaurants that wouldn’t normally host events for Republicans are signing up to host fundraisers. He believes that the strict coronavirus restrictions on businesses imposed by Mayor Steve Adler, a Democrat, have turned many business owners away from the Democrat Party.

“The COVID responses were hypocritical,” Hogue says.

Another important race for Republicans is in the 21st Congressional District, with Rep. Chip Roy running against “Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis. You may remember Davis from her days of encouraging mobs of women wearing tampons as earrings to descend on the state capitol to protest abortion restrictions.

The former pro-abortion state senator from Texas is now running for a U.S. congressional seat that Republicans need to hold. Though tight, Hogue says Roy will do it. One advantage the Texas GOP has is its willingness to walk the districts and knock on doors. “The Democrats stopped walking the districts because of COVID-19,” said Hogue. “We do.”

While everyone is distracted by the presidential election, it’s easy to forget that so many local races need our attention and support. Get in touch with your local GOP office and find out how you can help. No matter who wins the White House, it’s imperative to keep the Senate and take back the House.

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