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Caleb Howe is a conservative writer, blogger, and editor. Previously Editor in Chief at RedState, published at DailyWire, American Spectator, Truth Revolt, The Right Scoop, AOL, The Federalist, Mediaite, newspapers, magazines, fortune cookies, manifestos, and cocktail napkins.

There will be no escalation of the trade war according to reports, after a meeting which top adviser Larry Kudlow said went "very well."
"European Union officials said the United States was the main holdout on nearly every issue."
A fantastic moment for a candidate who deserved to win, and deserved to be treated with dignity and respect by the president.
But actually, it wasn't just them making absurd comparisons between guns and lettuce. It's thematic on the left. Look at these tweets.
Just last month Hillary Clinton said that Bill's affair was not an example of "abuse of power."