Democrats' Midterm Closing Argument: Trump Is Hitler, and Republicans Fear-Monger

Trump is the same thing as Hitler and the Nazis, say Democrats like CNN’s Chris Cuomo, MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, CNN’s Ana Navarro… oh hey wait, are those all media people on cable news? Weird.


One thing Democrats/journalists want you to believe is…

It’s time to cool down the rhetoric, they say. Trump may murder 6 million people, they also say.

But while they are busy decrying the mean and divisive rhetoric of literally the Hitler party, the media is also very concerned about fear-mongering. Over the last few weeks, CNN and MSNBC, not to mention a slew of Democrats and journalists on Twitter — and newspapers and magazines and activist groups — have been uber concerned about the politics of fear, and fear-mongering, in Republican campaign ads.

Grabien’s Tom Elliott noticed that, too.

I shouldn’t have to spell out that saying Republicans are actual Nazis and then opposing the politics of fear are not compatible positions.

Keep in mind, most of those news segments came prior to the new ad that was too racist for even Fox News. BEFORE that. And the ads were from individual members of Congress or the Senate, or candidates thereof. Gosh I wonder if those races also happen to be ones that are in play for Democrats?

After Pittsburgh, there were a lot of people on both sides of the aisle stating that it was time to cool the rhetoric (usually referring to the “other side”). The media, which, remember, was very, very worried about “fear-mongering” and the “politics of fear,” was somehow also super mad about Republican ads that appealed to unity and not demonizing each other.


And now we are here at election day, and the word on CNN and MSNBC is that you have to vote for Democrats. Because otherwise you’re a CNN-bomber or you’re against women.

And the word on Fox News is vote for Trump, even though he’s not running, because Sean Hannity said so.

All of which is a great argument for getting rid of cable news.

Happy Election Day. If you don’t vote, you’ll probably be eaten by aliens.


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