Former DNI James Clapper Offers Deep Praise for North Korea Expert... Dennis Rodman

James Clapper talks Dennis Rodman and North Korea

President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea are meeting in Singapore tonight, but they are not the only game in town when it comes to diplomacy. Just ask the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.


On CNN’s new prime-time show with Chris Cuomo — the aptly named Cuomo Prime Time — Obama’s former intel chief showered praise on perhaps an unexpected recipient: NBA star Dennis Rodman.

CUOMO: Jim Clapper, we’re looking at the moments earlier. It is bizarre to say the least, but here I am next to the director of national intelligence… former director for the government, and Dennis Rodman, also known as ‘The Worm,” for how he played basketball. He is our best resource at this point right now for understanding the minds of the two men, especially Kim Jong-un.
CLAPPER: I agree, Chris. And I tell ya–
CUOMO: As weird as that is to say.
CLAPPER: As weird as it is–
CUOMO: They could make a movie about that and this is still weird.
CLAPPER: This whole thing is unconventional. And believe me, I saw a Dennis Rodman that I’ve never seen before in the course of that interview. And you drew that out of him. There is a lot more depth there, I think, than meets the eye. He does understand Kim Jong-un. And all the rest of us pundits who are kind of amateurs and haven’t had that direct contact like he has…


The two go on to discuss the depth of Rodman’s understanding and whether he weighs the human cost of Kim’s regime too lightly or dismisses too much as politics… no seriously, they talk about that.

“I think Dennis’ point about let’s focus on now and the future is a good one,” Clapper added.

Watch the clip below, via CNN, if you don’t believe me.


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