Clooney, Pelosi, and... Obama??? Maybe Biden Is Being Pushed Out After All

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"This is a fast-moving game where everything can change in a hurry," I wrote for the very first Biden Campaign Collapse Tracker a week ago today, and I just got whiplash so bad that no fewer than nine personal injury attornies materialized on my front lawn.


It seems like a month ago, dear reader, that I was assuring you that "the issue isn't whether desperate Democrats can push Biden aside because they can't," but it was only [checks watch] earlier this morning.

But there is one Democrat who might still have enough clout to dislodge even DOCTOR Jill "Hail to the Chick" Biden that she and Presidentish Joe have got to go.

I'm referring, of course, to the Sainted One, the Democrats' own Black Jesus, the one man who transcends race and gender and petty politics... the one and only Barack Obama (PBUH).

Obama, as is his wont, had created the appearance of being above the fray since Biden's debate debacle almost two weeks ago. He stuck one pinky toe ever so gingerly into the water with this fairly anodyne tweet almost a full day after Biden's senescence was on the debate stage for the whole world to see.

If Obama had said or done anything less than that, it would have been a clear signal that the Dems' elder statesman/object of secular worship had washed his hands of Crooked Joe. While it's impossible for someone who isn't a top-level Democrat insider to know what was going on behind the scenes in the Obama camp, the outside appearance was that the former president was content to watch things play out.

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But that was before George Clooney's NYT op-ed today headlined, "I Love Joe Biden. But We Need a New Nominee."

It’s devastating to say it, but the Joe Biden I was with three weeks ago at the fund-raiser was not the Joe “big F-ing deal” Biden of 2010. He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020. He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate.

Was he tired? Yes. A cold? Maybe. But our party leaders need to stop telling us that 51 million people didn’t see what we just saw. 


That dig at "party leaders" might seem to include Obama, but I don't think so. Those two are so tight — Clooney has raised tens of millions for the Democrats — that if Clooney is prodding party leaders to come clean, "then Obama is actively working behind the scenes on it," as Stephen Miller concluded.

Another one of those party leaders, Nancy Pelosi, made remarks this morning on MSNBC that seemed carefully couched to indicate that she hopes Biden will make the "right" call and drop out, without quite saying it. "I've said to everyone, let's just hold off," she said. "Whatever you're thinking, either tell someone privately, but you don't have to put that out on the table until we see how we go [after the NATO conference ends]."

Breitbart's John Nolte posted, "This is the first time I've thought there was a chance Biden might not be the nominee," and I'm starting to waver, too. 

Obama isn't showing Biden the door, or at least not yet. But it certainly looks like he's encouraged some big guns to say, "Joe, here's your coat and hat."



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