Hail to the Chick: Dirty Jill Is at it Again

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All rise, and please honor The First Lady of the United States of America, DOCTOR Jill Biden! 

You may genuflect, bow, curtsy, or kneel in proper homage to the woman who holds no office but is married to the president of the United States of America. She is a person for whom you did not vote but to whom you must pay homage, respect, and, indeed, worship because she married Joey from Scranton. And, it must be added, she now runs the country alongside her crackhead stepson.


Please remove your hats and remain standing.

In 2022, Jill Biden raised her scepter to Salieri at the U.S. Marine Corps Band and demanded a bespoke, orchestral, semi-ruffles-and-flourishes walk-on tune worthy of a first lady. Something as catchy as, say, "Hail to the Chief."

Oh, sure, never had a First Lady been gifted such an orchestral arrangement to introduce her before her adoring crowds, but whaddayagonnado? Her office ordered the ditty, and, what the heck, we're on the clock, so we may as well write the thing. And so they did. 

"Fanfare for the First Lady" was born.

It was a horn-infused, dreamy number. The cadence was respectful and tuneful, and it had just the right amount of time to get a lady to the stage. It could also be looped if she broke a four-inch heel and the band needed to fill a bit longer. The song added a little bravado and sounded worthy of a queen.


When T. Becket Adams wrote about this homage to the first lady in 2022 for the Washington Examiner after he received a news tip, he honestly had no idea that the woman about whom he wrote then would turn into the person she is now. 

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Then he saw a woman with a thankless job, and now she is a woman willing to do anything — even sell out her husband and her country — to hang on to her ruffles and flourishes and keep Old Joe in the White House.  


Adams wrote at the time:

Longtime veterans of the U.S. Marine Band have characterized the situation as a first, remarking that they’ve never been asked before to provide a first lady with her own entrance music.

Someone in the White House "had the bright idea, 'Oh, tell the band that we want music for Jill,'" a source said. “The band had to provide music.”

“Fanfare for the First Lady” has been performed at official White House functions headlined by the first lady, played between her entrance and her address.

The band was “rushed” to come up with a theme for Jill Biden, a source said. The group submitted a few hurried options for the White House’s consideration. Administration officials eventually settled on “Fanfare to the First Lady.”

And then, four months after his story appeared, when it got out that Jill Biden, the community college teacher from Delaware, wanted her own queen-like walk-on homage, they ditched the tune and tried to bury the entire embarrassing affair. 

Adams wrote:

Update: April 13, 2022.

The United States Marine Band has retired “Fanfare for the First Lady,” according to a source familiar with the decision. The band quietly shelved the song following the publication of this article.

Adams says the Biden White House leaned on him quite heavily to get rid of the story but he refused. Instead of the story getting ditched, Jill's tune was ditched. 


Now the story has been reprised because of the Lady MacBeth situation going on at the White House, where it has been revealed that Jill is sitting in on high-level meetings at the White House and Hunter has been his dad's wingman at presidential meetings as sort of his secretary. Apparently, nobody takes notes anymore. 

It's unseemly, but Jill's gambit to keep Joe in office, brain damaged and confused, Hunter sitting in at high-level meetings to keep Dad informed, and Jill behind the Resolute Desk where she could keep the grift going for another four years, voters be damned, may just work.

Sure, they don't have security clearances, but no biggie; they're Democrats. The Mar-a-Lago raid was so 2022.

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And because the story has surfaced again, some have listened more carefully to "Fanfare for the First Lady." They've noted the timing — 2022. And they wonder if what they're hearing, the name of the tune, and the zeitgeist of the moment, conspired to mock Her Highness, the first lady. 

Those who were alive in the 1960s may sense a déjà vu moment. Go back and listen to the "Fanfare for the First Lady," and then listen to this tune. 


Was it a coincidence that  "FJB (F**k Joe Biden)" was heard in stadia across the land shortly before this song was chosen? 

"F Troop," really? 

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