Dirty Jill

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"You gotta run. Because there’s so much at stake," Jill Biden claims she urged her shuffling, addled husband before he undertook his 2020 basement campaign for president. Joe Biden, like the entire country, economy, and everything he touches, has gotten worse every day of his term of office. And it's for this reason that the woman fawned over as a "joy multiplier" is now looked on with suspicion. She's the reason he's one of the worst presidents the United States has ever produced because Mrs. Biden and the Obama holdovers got him there. Americans are beginning to think that Joe's smiling, 72-year-old presidential arm candy didn't have the country's needs at heart when she told her husband, "You gotta run." It's in that way she reminds Americans of Hillary Clinton.


Call her Jillary.

The reasonable criticism goes that any person who pushes their mentally incapable husband to become president is naturally a bad person committing an act of elder abuse, but Jill Biden's happy warrior-like smiles may hide something even more sinister. Could Jillary be the force behind the so-called Biden Crime Family? 

It looks suspicious when politicians go into office relatively poor and emerge as millionaires. It's unseemly, bordering on illegal, when politicians transmogrify their public service jobs into personal ATMs and friends into insider traders, and that's why the comparison with Hillary is apt. HillBilly were doing fine for Arkansas, but on the world stage, they needed to parlay their personalities into an intaglio press. They created a foundation, went on book and lecture tours, signed entertainment deals, and bought the New York mansion to establish Hillary's residency to run for U.S. Senate and tee her up for the presidency. Then they stood back and watched the dark money roll in.

The Bidens, like most Americans, saw what the Clintons, Obamas, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats (and no doubt some Republicans) were doing and decided to replicate the political-to-professional shakedown. The Biden Crime Family was born, and though greed and grandiosity are woven into the Biden DNA, Jillary was doing her share of pushing. 

Back in 1992, when Bill Clinton was rightly accused of serial cheating, HillBilly did a stint on "60 Minutes," where Hillary meant to defend her husband but instead highlighted her un-likability. 


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"You know, I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette,” she defensively told Steve Kroft, while at the same time saying she loved and respected her traitorous husband despite his 12-year-long affair with Gennifer Flowers. Nobody bought it. The marriage looked like the political arrangement of convenience it was.

Three months later, she cemented her unlikability when she snippily mocked married women who didn't work outside the home.

“I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life," she told a throng of Boston reporters in March 1992.

Jill Biden has always worked during her marriage. They needed the money and no doubt she wanted some control over spending and independence in case the hair-smelling, daughter-showering, parading nudist she married got caught and she was on her own. 

Jill's smiles are her forcefield to stop uncomfortable questions from reporters about her sick, sick family. She's the slick to her husband's ick.

The former Delaware high school teacher still maintains her English teaching schedule at the Northern Virginia Community College, where she's taught since the inception of the Obama administration. She had previously taught English and writing at Delaware Technical Community College. She has "four degrees and five grandchildren," as Vogue enthused before Hunter's love child was discovered and he started his second-generation family. 


Northern Virginia CC has received more than $120 million in COVID funds from the Trump and Biden White Houses. She receives her $90,000-plus salary from a school foundation to satisfy ethics rules. She's paid more than most teachers at the community college, according to a salary survey by The Daily Signal. 

Money, or lack thereof, has always been part of the Biden family story. In a 2017 book tour interview with Megyn Kelly, Jill let this slip out.

Joe: “I am the poorest man in Congress

Jill: “I hate when he says that."

Joe: “It’s true!”

Of course, by that time, the "poorest man in Congress" and his wife owned two homes, including the 4,000-square-foot, six-bedroom Rehoboth Beach, Del., colonial and their ten-acre Wilmington manse "that Joe famously designed himself... with a big swimming pool," reported a Vogue article entitled, "A First Lady for All of Us: On the Road With Dr. Jill Biden." 

The Rehoboth Beach home bears a sign called "A Promise Kept" because, Jill says, "The promise kept was actually this house! Because [Joe] kept saying, 'When I write my book, I'll buy you a beach house.'" 

Now we learn that the couple paid $2.74 million cash. That deal went down just days after Hunter Biden demanded the Chinese give the Biden family money, saying he was sitting right next to his father while making the threat.

It seems Joe has a 'lucky' streak with homes. The two had previously owned another mansion. "He loves to look at houses. It's one of his things," says Jill of Joe. 

When Joe was in the Senate, the couple bought a Greenville, Del., mansion Joe dubbed "The Station" for $185,000 in 1974. He was making $42,500 per year as a senator. The house became a Biden Crime Family cash cow. The Bidens sold the home in 1996 for $1.2 million to an MBNA vice president, who doubled as a Biden bundler, gave Hunter a job, and "paid him for years." The Daily Mail reports that three decades later, the home's assessment has finally matched the price the Bidens got for it from the MBNA executive in 1996. 


Nothing to see here, right Jillary? She was right there. She watched it all. 

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Indeed, in that 2017 interview, Kelly highlighted a portion of Biden's book discussing son Beau's cancer battle and the financial struggle it put on the entire family. Kelly looked at the camera and mugged, "He’s been in public service all his life, so he does not have money!" The audience laughed in the self-deprecating spirit in which it was intended. Little did Kelly know.

Kelly prompted the couple to talk about the story in which Barack Obama offers Joe money to help, but the story telegraphed many unintended messages.

"Beau," Joe said, "had this enormous sense of duty." He explained that Beau would get up and go for therapy in the morning, "for three hours he’d go for either 6 a.m., he’d go for speech therapy or physical therapy," and state troopers would drive him back to his office. "He was attorney general," said Joe, explaining why Beau got an armed limo service. 

Joe went on. “He was always worried that if people didn’t think he had the cog – he was beginning to lose the ability to recall proper names. And, but, it had nothing to do with his cognitive capability. He was so proud he did not want to be in the position of accepting a salary if people thought he couldn’t do the job," the notorious mooch told viewers. 

"And I thought – we thought – he might very well before his time was up as attorney general step down and he had no other income," Joe recalls. He said this issue somehow – he simply can't remember – came up with President Obama, "And I was telling Barack that that was the case and — there’s no problem. And our son Hunter, who does very well, could take care of it," he told Obama. 


But he went on, "And I said, besides, 'I could take out a second mortgage; it’s not a problem.' And he got up from the table — he was emotional – and he got up from the table and said, 'Joe, Joe, don’t you – you love that house. Don’t do that. I’ll give you the money. I’ll give you the money.'"

Of course, Joe never had to do anything of the sort. "[W]e never needed to do that, and my son had the ability to take care of it. I don’t even know why I got into the conversation except to try to explain to the president, uh, that Beau was struggling — the only one I told anything to – other than family," he stammered. "[Obama's] the only one because I felt obliged to let him know exactly what was going on because of my responsibilities with this thing. He’s a generous guy, genuine friend, and Michelle is an incredible lady."

Let's pause here for just a moment. One wonders if this is the same conversation Obama had with Biden to tell him not to run for president in both the 2016 and 2020 elections for a variety of reasons, including so as not to "damage his legacy." Of course, this embarrassing legacy may have had to do with the Bidens' shakedowns under the color of his vice presidential job. These would have included the ones he pulled off in Ukraine and Russia in 2014, Romania in 2015, Kazakhstan in 2014, and China in 2014 and 2017. 

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No wonder they could afford to pay cash for their $2.74 million Rehoboth Beach property – a house that sold for over $3.52 million in 2007. Seems odd that it would take so long to come back from the real estate meltdown in 2008. But, hey, Joe is really into houses and stuff. 


And where was Jillary? Telling Joe the Rainmaker to go, go, go.

She supports her cognitively challenged husband's run in the 2024 election, too. Vogue, in one of its many fawning articles about the Bidens (I read them so you don't have to) basically says that the run in 2024 is to save Hunter.  

"...[A]s if to acknowledge how radically the norms and rules have changed (or have ceased to matter) in the Trump era," the magazine reporter straightfacedly notes, "borne out most ominously with the revelation that Trump thinks it’s perfectly appropriate to have the Department of Justice investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who was a board member of a gas company in Ukraine while his father was vice president." 

And now, here we are, with a cognitively challenged president. Jillary is believed to be the receiver of all wisdom from Obama-era apparatchiks who are shot-calling from the Executive Office Building or Kalorama. She pushes Joe to the exits, pulls him to the podium, and she's pushing him into the 2024 election, where it's obvious he can't hang. 

If she wasn't before, Jillary now appears to wear the crown as the Kingpin of the Biden Crime Family. 


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