The Morning Briefing: Today We're Gonna Party Like It's 2019

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It’s a Bloody Mary Morning Briefing

Nothin’ But the Good News

Happy Monday — is that a thing? — Kruiser Morning Briefing friends.

It’s me, Your Friendly Neighborhood VodkaPundit, filling in for Kruiser this morning. My friend has made his way back to his ancestral home to see his family and especially the lovely Kruiser Kid for the first time since the lockdowns began.

That’s an awfully long time, so I hope you won’t mind me filling in for Kruiser today.

Ever feel like you’re missing the forest for the scrub oak?

We have quite a bit of scrub oak on our little wooded homestead, and it can be nasty stuff. It forms these thickets nothing but our smallest dog can get through, and Chewie still ends up with scrapes all over himself. It isn’t all that nice to look at, but it grows quickly enough that it requires more maintenance than it’s worth.

In American politics and culture, the Woke Uber Progressive Authoritarian Left (WUPAL) is like that scrub. They get far more attention than they’re worth, and if you’ve spent any time looking at their Twitter profiles, you know they usually aren’t anything you want to look at, either.

I mean, don’t make me remind you about Trigglypuff.


Oops. Sorry.

Also, like the real scrub oak, despite their small numbers, WUPAL is deeply rooted enough that we’re stuck with them at present.

But don’t forget the lovely forest.

My home state of Colorado has been loosening up, finally, and this weekend I decided to grab the kids and make full use of it.

We were out and about all weekend, and do you know what we didn’t hear or see out in the real world?

A single WUPAL. Not a one.

I took my boys out for much-needed haircuts on Saturday morning. Taped on the counter near the cash register was a hand-printed note that said something like, “Masks required by state order, but we won’t invade your privacy asking you about any health condition you might have.”

One or two wore masks, most didn’t. The mood was cheerful, even boisterous.

We stopped to grab burgers on our way up to the gun range, and if you’re thinking I’m raising red-blooded American males who get their hair cut by dirty-joke-telling male barbers before taking them to eat meat and shoot guns…

…well, yeah.

But back to my point about those AWOL WUPALs.

I won’t say which restaurant we went to because they seemed to be operating above the state-ordered capacity restriction. The parking lot was nearly full, and so were the tables and the bar.

Coloradans were supposed to be enduring a vegetarian “MeatOut” day suggested by our idiot governor, but if anybody ordered a veggie burger instead of the real thing, I couldn’t hear or see it.

After lunch, we made our way further north to a gun range where one of my dearest friends works. The Glock G44 I’d ordered a couple of weeks ago had arrived for pickup, weeks sooner than hoped.

The only bad news was actually good news, in a way. I filled out my background check papers, only to be told I’d have to come back in a few days to pick up the G44.

“Colorado has 3,000 people a day applying for background checks,” I was told. “The backlog is pretty bad.”

Having to wait certainly seems like an infringement on my 2nd Amendment rights, but the fact that Coloradans continue to buy guns in record numbers despite all the nanny-state Democrats in Denver seems like a blessing.

Sunday was more of the same: Errands to run, lunch with a friend, none of it visibly impacted by a single WUPAL.

Just happy, cheerful people enjoying a sunny Sunday morning.

That’s the forest we’ve given too little attention to. It really won’t be long now until we can party like it’s 2019.

If you spend all your time staring at the nasty scrub oak — social media, the infotainment “news” shows, etc. — you’ll miss the lovely forest.

America still feels like America, once you step away from the computer screen and put your smartphone down.

I think that’s why the Democrats in Washington are acting in such a reckless rush — they know resistance is growing.

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Thanks for not sticking a tack on the substitute’s chair. Kruiser will be back on Thursday, with Bryan Preston and Paula Bolyard filling in the next two days.