'Spontaneous Protesters' in Louisville Had Riot Supplies Trucked in Before Breonna Taylor Indictments Announced

(Twitter video screenshot @BGOnTheScene)

Like the professional protesters they are, antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs were ready to riot before the Breonna Taylor indictments were announced on Wednesday.


Videographer Brendan Gutenschwager, “BG On the Scene,” captured one of the drop-offs for shields, antifa signs, and other protest-riot gear.

BREAKING: Grand Jury Announces Decision on Breonna Taylor Shooting

Immediately, protesters blocked the streets, announcing, “ain’t nobody going anywhere today.”

Protesters began heading out to block the highways in and around Louisville.

The Breonna Taylor case is yet another notorious police shooting case wrapped in misinformation, tragedy, and lore.

Whereas people were rightfully angry over the killing of the innocent woman by police, the conditions under which the shooting took place were little understood and misreported following the March killing.

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Wednesday, Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that one officer would be indicted for the careless way in which he put the lives of Taylor’s neighbors at risk, but he was not indicted for her killing. Two other officers were not indicted.

Cameron announced that the warrant under which the officers entered Taylor’s home, looking for a drug dealer who no longer lived there, was a regular warrant, not a “no-knock” warrant. A witness told the grand jury that he heard the police knock and announce themselves before bursting into Taylor’s home, where her boyfriend began shooting at police.

The one police officer who entered the apartment was shot by Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Cameron said Walker stood at the end of a hall holding a gun in “a shooting stance” next to Taylor. He shot the officer in the leg.

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CBS News reports that the AG said the officer-involved shooting was not a friendly-fire incident, since Walker, a licensed gun owner, was shooting a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and the police were using .40mm ammo.


He said when no one answered, officers breached the door. Mattingly, he said, was the only officer to enter the apartment. He said Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend, fired a shot that hit Mattingly. Officers returned fire and six bullets hit Taylor, one of which was fatal, Cameron said.

Walker, a licensed gun owner, has said police did not announce themselves and that he fired in self-defense because he thought someone was breaking in.

Hankison fired 10 shots from outside, with some bullets hitting the neighboring apartment, where there was a man, a child and pregnant woman. None of his bullets struck Taylor, Cameron said. The charges allege Hankison endangered Taylor’s neighbors, but Cameron said Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in their use of force when they opened fire because Walker had fired his gun.

In advance of the release of the grand jury decision, Louisville businesses began boarding up, the National Guard was called in, and a 9 p.m. curfew was announced. Arrests have already begun.

Democratic operative Peter Daou delivered the rioters their talking points by saying that police didn’t get in trouble for shooting Taylor but for shooting at white people. Apparently, he knows who all the neighbors were, but, irrespective of that, if it’s a warrant service, one of the most dangerous jobs police do, and they knock and someone shoots at them, it’s appropriate to return fire. In this case, it came with tragic results.


It’s statements like this that encourage more ignorance of the Breonna Taylor case.

The attorney general, a black Republican, says he’ll oversee a “top-to-bottom review” of the case—in case anyone actually cares about the facts.

Today, however, the riots, unrest, and arrests are underway with those trucked-in supplies.

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