[INTENSE VIDEO] Anti-Cop Protesters Crash Gates and St. Louis Super-Couple Goes to Guns

(YouTube screenshot)

This is what it looks like when you hear protesters crash through the entrance to your gated community and they’re coming for … you?

And what a stunning moment it was.


A well-to-do St. Louis couple heard the protesters in their mansion-filled community and grabbed their guns to keep protestors from overrunning them, burning, and looting their home. They stood on their porch and sometimes took positions on their lawn in order to keep the protesters at bay.

One protester appeared to try and keep the protesters off their law, urging them to “keep moving!” and stay out of the couple’s faces, but they yelled at the woman, “You f*cking bitch! I’ve been shot at before!” The man could be heard saying, “Keep going and there won’t be any trouble.”

Ironically, the couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, both defense attorneys, represent a client who was allegedly brutalized by police. The Daily Mail reports that the unidentified client appears to be a man who was shown being beaten in 2019, which was caught on a police dash-cam.

Protesters Mess With the Wrong People

The McCloskeys no doubt have vivid memories of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, just a short distance from their home in 2014, after Michael Brown attacked a police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot him to death. The shooting, in which at least three investigations – local, state and federal — showed the officers did not violate Brown’s constitutional rights, was found to be justified. It prompted days of riots with hundreds of millions of dollars of damage done to local black-owned businesses.


The moniker “hands up, don’t shoot” – which the investigations showed never happened – came from this shooting.

During this past weekend, a mob of protesters, beating drums and screaming, breached the gate and came hunting for Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home where they planned to loudly call for her resignation.

Krewson is under fire for reading comments from protesters and reading their complete names and address, thus doxxing them. It’s unclear why she did it.

On Friday, she apologized for releasing the information in a public setting. The video reportedly was taken down.

On Sunday they came looking for her.

Protesters Break in to Hunt Down Mayor

The UK Sun reports that protesters calling for her resignation have gathered 24,000 signatures. It’s not clear if the signatures are from the local area. In another whopping turn of irony, the protesters claimed that saying their names out loud “endangered their lives.”

“On June 26th Lyda directly endangered the lives of protesters by releasing their names and addresses.”

On Sunday, Krewson’s neighbors were the ones concerned for their lives—and produced this surreal scene on Sunday of Mark McCloskey, holding his AR-15 across his body, and Patricia McCloskey holding a silver semi-automatic weapon, threatening protesters who dared trespassed.


None did.



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