A Grateful Nation Thanks Man Who Tears Apart Seattle's CHOP and Delivers Stinging Lecture to BLM

Twitter video screenshot of local Seattle man tearing up CHOP barricades (@thc1776).

An angry and ranting man began singlehandedly tearing apart the barricades and overturned the tables at Seattle CHOP’s so-called autonomous zone this week.


And a nation applauded.

The man, who is black, shouted “I’m sick of this!” and began grabbing the stolen objects used for the so-call “autonomous zone’s” barricades.

It was a glory to see.

The Blaze reports that the man was confronted by a BLM squatter from the encampment who held a knife. The man appears to have pulled his gun in reply.

The unidentified man, clad in a red jacket and red shoes, grabbed orange cones and launched them into a debris pile while surrounded by a smattering of CHOPistanis who hurled insults at him and told him to go home. He replied, “You go home. I’m so sick of this sh*t.”

Turning Over Tables at the Seattle Left’s ‘Temple’

He turned over tables full of supplies and did a walk-off with two hands lifted up with his fingers designating that the Antifastanis were number one, or something.

Later he delivered a lecture to the CHOP dead-enders.

The only reason you guys are standing here is because white people stood here before you. This is not a black movement. And you know damned well it’s not a black movement because 6,000 black people walked in the Central District, they walked in the CD. And guess what? They went the f*ck home. But what you motherf*ckers want to do? Y’all want to stay here, guess what, cause the homeless people are entertaining this bullshit. Right? And you guys are trying to jump behind it. And that’s not right.

Get your own f*cking movement ’cause what you guys are doing over here nobody’s going to hear. And nobody gives a f*ck about it because it’s f*cking bullis**t.


The reaction to this outburst, which apparently occurred on Wednesday, was entertaining, to say the least.

The “Hispanic Conservative” said to “give that man a medal. F your autonomous zone. Citizens of Seattle stand up!”

If only.

‘Citizens of Seattle, Stand up!’

Another man wanted to buy him a beer.

Seattle’s Capitol Hill Residents Sue

Local residents, upset over the violent encampment, have initiated a lawsuit against the City of Seattle for the mayor’s failure to secure residents’ civil rights and enabling the squatters.

As I outlined here some weeks ago, there is plenty of reason for residents to sue.

In addition to the denial of their free speech for fear of getting hurt and guns freely exchanged, which is against the law, and more, there is the small matter of having their property taken by this nest of thugs:

CHAZ leaders have removed the ability of property owners to use their property as they wish because they have taken it over, blocked people in, and violate the freedoms accorded under the Constitution.

The police precinct has been held hostage to whims of the mob. People cannot fully use their homes because of the encampment around it.


Our red-clad superhero is said to have done the turning-over-of-the-tables-in-the-temple move before. But the unknown man had to come back and do it again.

Seattle Man: ‘I’m So Sick of This Sh*t!’

“Deb” said the law-and-order hero lives in the building where CHOP had set up and caretakers for the elderly residents were too afraid to come to work.

A man suggested that the man might end up dead.

“Mongoose” said the man spoke for everyone in America who is tired of the disruption.

CHOP/CHAZ/Antifastan is winding down now. On Friday, city workers were sent in to finish what our neighborhood superhero started but they were met by upset squatters who “pushed back.”

Apparently, Mayor Jenny Durkan’s phalanx of social workers she promised to send out to convince the squatters to get out didn’t work. Imagine that.


Gee, if only there were professionally trained people who could be called upon to effect the banishment of the CHOPsters. Thinking, thinking.

In the absence of cops, upon the orders of Mayor Durkan, maybe that man in red can come back and do it by himself. He’s made an excellent start and a civil nation thanks you.


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