Seattle's Clueless Mayor Blames Everyone Else but Her For Problems of 'Peaceful' Antifastan

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Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan sure thinks her city is full of a bunch of dummies.

How else to explain her Monday news conference, which was equal part projection, dissembling and her personal beclowning.


Durkan announced the eventual need to wind down the so called “autonomous zone” on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

If you’re new here, this is what started out as a public take over of a six block area of residences and businesses around the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct by anarcho groups of antifa and Marxist Black Lives Matter professional agents provocateurs. 

Official-Seattle, led by Durkan, treated this violent, balaclava-clad WTO-like bunch like they were timid street fair vendors, selling cotton-candy-colored unicorns, boho dream catchers and patchouli essential oil.

Instead, what the mayor has called the “summer of love” – a kaleidoscope of crazy – has subsequently, and predictably, devolved into a drive-by disaster.

Seattle’s Mayor Speaks Fluent Air Fern

On Monday, Seattle’s Durkan spoke with all the intellectual heft of air ferns about her gauzy plans to allow police to re-occupy the precinct she’d handed over to the mob two weeks ago.

Yet, police would be no part of the effort to clean out this nest of nutters in their own little stutopia.

Said the mayor, “We are working in community to bring things to an end.” Whatever that means.


Durkan announced that “black led “groups would be the ones to do try to persuade the violent squatters to leave – not the police.

She didn’t say when. She issued no deadlines or demands that people leave. She issued no request for the mob to clean up after itself.

Fox News Melissa Francis noticed.

Either she’s the biggest mayoral moron this side of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler or she takes Seattleites for the biggest simps ever to fill out a ballot. Look at the evidence.

The mayor didn’t think Seattleites would notice she’d:

  • Blamed everything wrong about the Antifastan squatters village on an inanimate object – a gun –  and not herself or the thugs pulling the triggers.
  • Blamed violence at the disaster of her own making on violence “around the country.”
  • Never apologized to the people of Seattle for letting this violent anarchy-collective of antifa and Marxist Black Lives Matter operatives get underway in the first place.
  • Assumed the squatter’s stutopia was about peace. Or quiet. It was always about power and violence.
  • That the reason it got out of control was because the mayor ordered police to abandon the precinct.
  • Allowed defacement, arson and misuse of public property with impunity.
  • Allowed a collective of angry Marxists to steal the use of other peoples’ property and take away their freedom of movement and ability to make a living.
  • Insisted it was a “peaceful” protest and that things were “improving.”
  • Assumed that the theft of other peoples’ private property for a two week period of time wouldn’t leave business owners and residents both broke and afraid for their lives.


Seattle Noticed, Mayor Jenny

But people have noticed what a dipstick the mayor is and the kind of people asked to take over the CHOP autonomous zone.

This woman called them “shit stains in society.”


“Asswolf Resurgence” blamed the violence, assaults, and murder on “the media circus.”

Hey, “Asswolf,” if the media are causing you to assault, batter, shoot, and murder, then you might need to check the signals your tin foil hat is bringing in.


Durkan conflated the CHOP murder and shootings on widespread “gun violence” linked to other violent activities in “Minneapolis, New Orleans, and Chicago.”

Do you think for one second that the CHOPistanis looked at the black-on-black murder spree in Chicago over the last few days and thought to themselves, I think I’ll go bust a cap in someone’s ass in Seattle? Well sure, that makes perfect sense if you’re Jenny Durkan who wrongly claimed all violence had happened at night and was due to “racist systems.”

Gun violence unfolding at night is not only wrong it also is undermining and distracting from the message for change we are hearing in the street and in so many of the peaceful protest. It is not unnoticed that the victims were black men at the time we’re called upon to dismantle the racist systems that disproportionately effect black Americans particularly black men.

In short, Mayor Durkan wants someone else to take the blame for this disaster instead of the people who did it – her and the violent mob.

Even the example of a peaceful protest “of 85,000 people” wasn’t a peaceful protest. She doesn’t think we remember the active shooters disarmed by a private security guy?

She can’t even be honest about it. Because it’ll make her and her friends look bad.

Tell you what Mayor Jenny, you just hurry your little self over to Capitol Hill and get that place cleaned out. We know who did this.

Hurry up. Chop, chop.


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