Seattle 'Warlord' Is Put on BLAST After Blaming City for Killing Inside CHOP

Seattle CHOP warlord Raz Simone. Screenshot from video.

Perhaps instead of Antifastan we should call the crime-ridden Seattle break-away colony, made up of Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters, Irony-stan.

Early Saturday morning a fight broke out in the squatter’s village of far Left radicals, who have kicked out police officers and fire fighters to run their own – autonomous – zone.


The mayor has gone along with the take over of public and private property, which has left the citizens living and working inside largely without city help.

Now this.

This is said to be a fight that led to a the shootings of two people inside CHOP.

In SDP video below, officers responding to the report of the shooting were met by protesters who incessantly screamed at cops to “put your guns down!” Protesters, who began to surround the cops, prevented the police from walking into the zone.

Seattle police, who’d previously been ordered to abandon their precinct by orders of the mayor, once again backed off and kept their distance.

Seattle’s Medics Are ‘Begging’?

When medics arrived, they couldn’t get in to help, because it wasn’t safe.

The shooting victims were taken to the hospital by “medics” from CHOP.

A 19-year-old man was pronounced dead at the hospital and another victim is still alive, but critically wounded.

Hours later, the warlord of Antifastan, rapper Raz Simone, blamed the city for its failure to help the shooting victims. It didn’t go well for him.

The screamers, he contended, were now “begging” the city’s medics to come into CHOP and help. Naturally, his highness blamed “your corrupt system” for the injuries, so he was partly right. It was corrupt.


“Medics refused to help even after people in the CHOP begged. They let our bro bleed out for 30 minutes till he died. Fuck politics. Fuck your currupt system.”

That’s a video of one guy daring the medics to go in, “There’s no way you can’t go in and save this man’s life. There’s no way this could be happening.”  When a medic called to find out if it was “clear” for them to go in, the one guy taking video yelled, “You ARE clear! We’re giving you the clearance! … if he dies it’s on you guys!”

Author and columnist Michael Walsh had two words for his highness.

Seattle’s Warlord Should Ban Guns?

This guy said what many were thinking, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” He drew a picture for Raz.

Here’s one of the myriad lectures from the Twitterati on how paramedics may do their jobs. Hint: it’s not running into a riot involving people with guns.


Seattle radio host Todd Herman, who came up with the term “Antifastan,” reminded Raz of who was preventing the police, fire, and paramedics from going in.


You seem to be complex mix of hate-filled warrior and want to be peacemaker. I would love to interview you.

That said, you know
blocked them, right? You know people in that place threaten them, right?

Why are you angry at the EMTs? Why not your CHOP & Jenny?

Is That Seattle’s Warlord Raz Handing Out Guns? Why Yes it Is.

This woman reminded Raz of why there might have been a shooting. Here’s video of the warlord handing out guns saying “Anyone 18 or over know how to use a gun?”

Raheem Kassam knew exactly who to blame for the chaos and shooting.

This guy thinks Raz should maybe take a different tack.


Q 13 News reports that police body cam footage shows (see below) that cops were met with a screeching mob.

Around 10 a.m., Seattle Police released new information about the shooting, stating when officers arrived and tried to find the victim of the shooting, they were met by a violent crowd “that prevented officers safe access to the victims,” officials said.

Seattle Police Sgt. Lauren Truscott told The Seattle Times initially that she didn’t know whether police had taken anyone into custody and that she had no immediate details about how the shooting unfolded.

The question is do Black Lives Matter to the citizens of CHOP under their warlord Raz? The answer to the question is that no one inside CHOP will cooperate with police, so no.

Anyone wishing to sue on behalf of the victims will have a hard time finding anyone within CHOP with deep pockets  except Raz and the assorted suits from Black Lives Matter.

Mayor Jenny Durkan ordered the abandonment of the police precinct and has allowed the protesters to take over public and private property. The mob has set up protection and shakedown rackets, according to police.

Durken has described the ridiculous CHOP autonomous zone as a peaceful and calls it a potential place for the “summer of love.”

Process servers can find her at city hall.

Watch the video of what went down on Saturday morning and ask yourself why civil America should treat such unserious people so seriously.




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