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Secessionist, Segregationist, Colonialist CHAZ Subjects Seattle to Taxation Without Representation

Secessionist, Segregationist, Colonialist CHAZ Subjects Seattle to Taxation Without Representation
Seattle's CHAZ seeks a familiar new name. Photo by Julio Rosas/THM

The rump government of Seattle and Washington State allowed an autonomous collective calling itself CHAZ to swipe several blocks of the Emerald City and cordon it off earlier this week.

There are dozens of businesses and about 500 homes inside the CHAZ. No one living in those homes gave their consent for CHAZ to exist. There was never a vote. CHAZ simply seized power in true Khmer Rouge style. Then rapper Raz Simone installed himself as warlord, because as one CHAZster put it, “he has all the guns.” CHAZ has effectively colonized the core of Seattle by force, seceded from the United States, and advocated racial separatism — segregation, in other words. Perhaps another neighborhood will do likewise, and the two can confederate.

Perhaps at the end of the day, CHAZ is just old-school Democrats getting back to their party’s historic roots.

Now the warlord sits atop an entity that is collecting taxes.

(Seattle Assistant Police Chief Deanna) Nollette said police had received reports that protesters allegedly set up barricades, “with some armed individuals running them as checkpoints into the neighborhood.”

“While they have a constitutionally-protected right to bear arms, and while Washington is an open carry state, there is no legal right for those arms to be used to intimidate community members,” Nollette said, adding that anyone subjected to these demands should call 911.

“No one at these checkpoints has the legal authority to demand identification from anyone,” he said.

Nollette also said police have “heard anecdotally” of residents and businesses being asked to pay a fee if they want to operate in the area. “This is the crime of extortion,” Nollette said.

This is one of a couple of things. In American history terms, it’s taxation without representation. Nobody subjected to this voted for it or consented to it.

In crime terms, as the assistant chief notes, it’s old-fashioned, mafia-style protection money. Extortion. The unelected and unaccountable strongman is doing it because he can.

This is what you get when you “defund the police.” So is this: crime is up 300%. According to Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, these crimes include rapes and robberies, and other violent crimes.

Speaking of colonization.

CHAZ may already be looking at a civil war. But some CHAZsters are suggesting a new name that sounds…familiar.

The ChiComs may well be behind antifa. They have a history of funding terrorism. But would they be this obvious?

Republics require representation based on actual votes. So far, CHAZ does not qualify. But neither does the People’s Republic of China.

Chief Best inspected the abandoned East Precinct Thursday, with the goal of restoring police officers to it. But so far, she lacks the backing of Mayor Jenny Durkan. Gov. Jay Inslee still doesn’t think antifa is in CHAZ at all. The two of them are too busy trolling President Trump on Twitter to do their jobs.

Americans would be wise to look for adult leaders in future elections. Seattle and Washington State do not have many, though the police chief is emerging as one. It’s clear now that from Seattle to Austin, from New York to Portland and all too many points in between, at the city and often the state level, there are simply not enough adults in charge who have the fortitude to stop cancers like CHAZ from ever happening.

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