Nancy Pelosi Knelt in Deference to Black Lives Matter. Then ... Oops

(YouTube screenshot)

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knelt in supplication to the radical Black Live Matter movement in Emancipation Hall at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., on Monday.


The Congressional Black Caucus and other members knelt for eight minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time that Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin had his knee at the neck of George Floyd two weeks ago. The hold, not part of Minneapolis Police training, killed Floyd, who had been stopped by police for allegedly passing bad bills and forgery.

80-Year-Old Nancy Pelosi Couldn’t Get Up

San Fran Gran Nan is 80 years old now, which might explain her inability to get her legs to work after the prolonged kneeling.

Trouble started when she tried to get up.

After being helped up, a severely out-of-breath Pelosi puffed, “you see how long it is to have his knee on his neck.” Indeed we do.

Pelosi laughed and commented that her high heels were the problem.

Pelosi’s Cultural Appropriation

Pelosi, draped in an African Kente cloth that was set off by her coral suit, wore moderate heels as she knelt for nearly nine minutes.

Pelosi kneeling BLM

(YouTube screenshot)

A Kente cloth is usually worn by African men.

Kente is a brightly colored, banded material and is the most widely known cloth produced in Africa. Although kente cloth is now identified with the Akan people in West Africa, and particularly the Asante Kingdom, the term originates from the neighboring Fante. Kente cloth is closely related to Adinkra cloth, which has symbols stenciled into cloth and is associated with mourning.​


The Blac Detroit publication cautions even African Americans from wearing such cultural cloths, let alone white people.

According to,  the colors on the Kente have different meanings. The color red represents “violence and anger.”

  • Blue means love
  • Green means growth and energy
  • Yellow (gold) means wealth and royalty
  • Red means violence and anger,
  • White means goodness or victory
  • Grey means shame
  • Black means death (or old age)

As she knelt, draped in her Kente cloth, Pelosi’s legs visibly shook under the strain of holding the pose so long for the cameras. She and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer swayed slightly as they tried to hold on for the duration.

Accused Killer Will Not Get Break on ‘Cash Bail’

Though the “woke” community claims that cash bail is racist and wrong and should be accorded to everybody, the man accused of killing Floyd, Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, had his bail raised from $250,000 to $1.25 million on Monday afternoon. His charges have been enhanced recently. Attorney General Keith Ellison has charged Chauvin with second-degree murder in addition to the other lesser charges against him.

The judge claimed that he was keeping the bail high to keep Chauvin in jail because the angry and riotous community arrayed against him made him a flight risk.


The officer and his attorney did not object to the changes in the 15-minute court procedure.

Pelosi Fail

Although we understand that the old broad is 80, the House Speaker must have known what she was in for when she stood up. She might have had someone at the ready to help her up instead of having to flail around.

But we’ll always have that photo.



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