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George Soros

Virginia and Pennsylvania election administration documents reveal the names of over 1,000 aliens who registered to vote or voted while government officials try to hide the information or laugh it off.
It won't help The Donald, but it might just be enough to save the Senate.
There are only two ways to proceed: domestic prosecution or foreign extradition.
Soros has given nearly a quarter of a billion dollars over the past fourteen years.
The ugly fight in the SBC exposes how earthly-minded many American evangelicals are.
Anti-Trump leftists still hold power In government.
Silly Senate rule slowing Trump agenda
It's not the first time Soros and Elon Musk have joined together
Claims the tragic shooting energizes Democrats...
"The rise of anti-Semitism inside the United States is bad enough," Flake said. "American taxpayers should not be funding its dissemination."
Missouri’s MOVE Ballot Fund only had $84 in its bank account in January. Then along came George Soros.