Soros-Backed DA Wants Jacqueline Avant's Killer to Serve Less Time

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

What to do as the chief prosecutor when your city is in shock and outrage over the shooting murder of 81-year-old philanthropist Jacqueline Avant in her own home?

If you’re Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, you leap immediately into action with a fundraising email “asking for money to push through a bill removing extra prison time for using a gun during a crime,” according to a report in Tuesday’s Washington Examiner.

Avant — the wife of music producer giant Clarence Avant and a philanthropist for causes helping low-income LA neighborhoods — was murdered on December 1 during a daylight home invasion.

Her body was barely cold when Gascon’s fundraising email demanded that “We’ve got to reform outdated sentence enhancement policies,” like the current law that could keep Avant’s killer behind bars for extra years due to the nature of his crime.

Police arrested suspect Aariel Maynor shortly following Avant’s murder after he accidentally shot himself in the foot while burglarizing another Hollywood home.

Maynor had “an extensive criminal record,” according to Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook.

“Gascon,” reported Tori Richards [link above], “has repeatedly said he wants to do away with enhancements for using a gun, belonging to a gang, and causing great bodily injury.”

I assume that the fundraising letter was scheduled to go out before Avant’s murder. Gascon’s gauchely macabre timing was probably a matter of happenstance rather than opportunism.

But given Gascon’s track record, who knows?

Earlier this year, Gascon boasted that after just 100 days in office, he’d taken 8,172 years off the sentences of Los Angeles County convicts. Makes it difficult to remember that he’s supposed to be the guy putting the bad guys behind bars.

Except, really, that’s not his job, even though Gascon carries the title of District Attorney.

Gascon is one of many George Soros-sponsored district attorneys across the country, who seem hell-bent (not to mention, well-funded) in their efforts to make life easy for killers and impossible for ordinary citizens.

That’s Gascon’s real job.

Some blame COVID for rising crime, but COVID didn’t eliminate cash bail, stop prosecuting certain felonies, or drop charges against career criminals.

Big City DAs did those things — Big City DA’s who were bought and paid for by a “progressive” billionaire who should have been the villain in the new Bond movie. Or any Bond movie.

Other cities with Soros-backed DAs include San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, and San Antonio. All have rising crime rates.

Vehicle thefts in San Antonio on a record pace in 2021, according to police report.” DA Joe Gonzales was put in office three years ago with big Soros money.

St. Louis has the nation’s second-worst violent crime rate under Soros-backed DA Kimberly Gardner, who saves her prosecutorial wrath for “offenses” like defending your own home from a trespassing mob of leftwing activists.

San Francisco’s communist DA Chesa Boudin — conceived by one set of terrorists and raised by another — declines to prosecute case after case, even though the “city’s violent crime rate is about 50% higher than California as a whole and two-thirds higher than the national rate.” And rising.

Just last week, I reported to our VIP supporters about another Soros-backed DA, Philly’s Larry Krasner, who dropped felony assault and carjacking charges against a 17-year-old who is now a murder suspect.

This is the same Larry Krasner who claimed today that there’s “no crisis of crime” as the city’s murder rates skyrockets.

Who you gonna believe? A Soros-owned district attorney or your own lyin’ gunshot wound?

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