How Did George Soros’ Son Score So Many WH Meetings?

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The name George Soros has become synonymous with corruption, anti-Americanism, and radical leftism due to the causes and organizations the billionaire has spent decades funding. But George’s son Alexander is even more open about his support for the Democratic Party itself—which is perhaps how he scored at least 14 visits to the Biden White House in 2021 and 2022.


The New York Post reported on April 8 that it had reviewed records showing Alexander Soros visited the Biden White House at least 14 times as a sort of “ambassador” for his father. Alexander, who not only fundraises for Democrats but loves to post online about his dealings with world leaders,  shows up in visitor logs meeting White House officials a dozen times just in 2022. Alexander is chairman of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, which has poured billions into leftist and Marxist causes. Alexander Soros himself donated millions to Democrats and leftists, the Post reported.

Mike Howell, the director of the Heritage Foundation‘s Oversight Project, said George Soros has already wreaked a lot of harm in America. “The Soros agenda is one of death and destruction in the name of open borders and ending Western Civilization. The Biden administration and rogue prosecutor movement may be [its] most damaging purchase in America to date,” Howell said. For instance, Soros pledged $1 million to the Color of Change PAC as the PAC pledged $1 million to help elect Alvin Bragg in 2021. Bragg, who is now Manhattan’s district attorney, indicted Donald Trump on what many are calling bogus charges.


The Post found evidence of these 14 visits from Alexander Soros:

  • 12/2/2022: Mariana Adame, Advisor to the Counselor Steve Ricchetti
  • 12/2/2022: Jon Finer, Deputy National Security Advisor
  • 12/1/2022: State Dinner on South Lawn for French President Emmanuel Macron attended by President Biden
  • 12/1/2022: Nina Srivastava, adviser to then-Chief of Staff Ron Klain
  • 10/14/2022: Mariana Adame, Advisor to the Counselor Steve Ricchetti (x2)
  • 10/6/2022: Jon Finer, Deputy National Security Advisor
  • 10/6/2022: Kimberly Lang, Executive Assistant to the National Security Advisor
  • 9/15/2022: Jon Finer, Deputy National Security Advisor
  • 9/14/2022: Nina Srivastava, adviser to then-Chief of Staff Ron Klain (x2)
  • 4/22/2022: Madeline Strasser, adviser to then-Chief of Staff Ron Klain
  • 12/15/2021: Jon Finer, Deputy National Security Advisor
  • 10/29/2021: Madeline Strasser, adviser to then-Chief of Staff Ron Klain

The subject of the meetings in unclear, the Post reported.

Tom Fitton, president of legal watchdog group Judicial Watch,  said the number of Alex Soros’ White House visits showed “an outsize policy influence in the Biden administration.” As mentioned above, multiple Soros-tied individuals worked for the Biden administration. “Don’t be distracted by Alex’s name in the visitor log; it’s a George Soros rep they’re looking to meet with at the Biden White House,” Fitton warned. “He’s still calling the shots, it’s his money, his foundations.” Alex is seen as a deputy of his influential father.


Scott Walter, president of conservative think tank Capital Research Center, told the Washington Examiner that Alexander is the most likely candidate to take over his father’s multi-billion dollar empire. “Like his father, he cozies up to White House and congressional leaders willing to do the family’s bidding,” Walter said.

Alexander Soros has met with or posed with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) eight or more times each since 2018, the Post reported. Not to mention a $2 million donation to the Senate Majority PAC in 2018.

Matt Palumbo, who wrote “The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros,” told the Post that the Soros family’s influence has never been stronger over the White House’s policies. Alexander’s many meetings with White House officials illustrate that. Furthermore, both Joe Biden’s transition team after the 2020 election and Biden’s cabinet were filled with “Soros loyalists” and those with Soros ties. To conclude, as Palumbo put it, “All throughout the White House, there is a Soros hold somewhere, and his son is his father’s new ambassador.”



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