Woke L.A. DA George Gascon's Pet Transgender Child Rapist Is Now Facing a Murder Charge

Bryan Chan/County of Los Angeles via AP

Will Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon feel a drop of shame over this case? Probably not. The woke L.A. County DA has been acting more like a criminal defense attorney for some of the county’s worst offenders than the top lawman in charge of protecting the people. No wonder he’s being recalled.


And now this.

One of Gascon’s affronts to victims was when he went easy on a child rapist, “Hannah” Tubbs, who gamed the system and magically became a “woman” so he could serve his sentence in a female juvenile prison and do easier time with a chance of getting out early.

Tubbs’s plans were coming to fruition. His two-year sentence in a female juvenile lockup was cut down to six months, putting him on schedule to be released next month. This, despite the fact that one of Tubbs’s 256 jail recordings revealed that he obsessed over “sexual conduct and violence,” according to a prosecutor “who listened to every tape and every minute of every tape,” and who wanted Tubbs locked up in an adult prison.

In February, Fox 11 News reported that Tubbs bragged to his dad that he wouldn’t have to register as a sex offender when he got out of juvenile jail.

Dad: You won’t have to register?

Tubbs: I won’t have to do none of that.

Dad: So what are they going to do to you then?

Tubbs: Nothing.

Tubbs: If there ever is a next time I ever get in trouble, I’m leaving the state, I’m leaving the country. I ain’t staying

In another jail video, before he was sent to serve in the female juvenile facility, Tubbs reportedly coached his dad to start calling him “she” now.



Last February, Gascon said Tubbs “may have” gotten an easier sentence than he deserved.

But Tuesday, all of Tubbs’s plans appeared to have gone to hell, when Kern County charged him with murder. And if George Gascon had bothered to do his job, he would have known that the now 26-year-old sexual predator was under investigation in Bakersfield at the time the L.A. County DA sent Tubbs to the juvenile lock up.

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that Tubbs pleaded not guilty Tuesday to the 2019 “murder of and second-degree robbery of Michael Clark,” whose body was found in the Kern River. Bail has been set at one million dollars. So, there goes Tubbs’s light sentence — for the time being, anyway.

Gascon protested that if he’d known about the video recording showing Tubbs bragging to his dad about setting up his fake transgender identity so he could serve in a female juvenile lockup, he would have prosecuted the rapist as an adult.

But two deputy district attorneys called B.S. on that.

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L.A. County Deputy DA Jonathan Hatami said Gascon lied when he claimed he knew nothing of Tubbs’s likely murder rap, because he’d been emailed everything.

And Deputy DA Shea Sanna, who worked on Tubbs’ case and was later removed, said, “If the Gascon administration would have read the probation notes … instead of telling me to mind my business and stay off the case and do as directed, they would have known that Tubbs was being investigated for murder. Because it’s in the notes.”


Indeed, Sanna says Gascon’s office never picked up his file or the accompanying tapes. If “the Gascon Administration” had bothered to read it and listen to the tapes, said the Deputy DA, “they would know that there’s evidence he’s committed more crimes.”

The George Soros-bankrolled DA, who was brought in from San Francisco to ruin the Los Angeles criminal justice system, is now the subject of a recall vote. Gascon has been easy on criminals since he took office. It’s not as if LA voters didn’t know what was up; after all, Gascon had done the same thing in San Francisco.

But this latest incident has highlighted the fact that Gascon doesn’t care about victims. Period.


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