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Department of Homeland Security

“What effect will building a southern wall have on stopping fentanyl shipped through the mail or through express couriers?” asks delegate.
Schneiderman: "You cannot enact a government policy if one of the major factors... is discriminatory animus and if it has a disparate impact on a protected group."
Sessions: "There's nothing compassionate about the failure to enforce immigration law."
Former Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly recorded a welcome video that was shown at naturalization ceremonies, but it is no longer being played.
Senators says DHS "may not be adequately addressing one of the most significant threats of domestic terrorism."
About a tenth of the approximately 500 people convicted on terrorism charges since 2001 have been released after serving time.
DeSantis: “In terms of effectiveness, collaborative songwriting – is that an effective approach to warding off terrorism?”
Staff shakeup comes amid fiery feud between Trump's new communications director and former RNC chairman.
GOP senator blocked immigration nominee last week to force more visas for seasonal, low-skilled workers.