[WATCH] Massive Migrant Caravan Heading Toward Biden's Broken Border

AP Photo/Felix Marquez

Heralded as “The Mother of All Caravans” on Latino television, a massive migrant caravan is heading north through Mexico with the U.S. as its final destination. The Media Research Center (MRC) reported the caravan is estimated to contain 95,000 migrants. DiscloseTV posted a video on Twitter of the caravan as it departed Tapachula on Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala:


While this video shows the caravan migrants peacefully walking, “the caravan’s organizer, activist Irineo Mujica from Pueblo Sin Fronteras,” has issued threats “to the effect that they ‘are ready for war’ against anyone who tries to stop them,” leading the caravan-sympathetic Telemundo to label the migrants “protestors.” That doesn’t sound very peaceful, does it?

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Some of the migrants from Central America carried signs declaring, “We come in peace” and “Joe Biden is for everyone.” It didn’t take long, however, for the caravan to encounter resistance. How peaceful does this look?:

While it’s good to see Mexico’s migration enforcement task force at least appearing to confront the caravan migrants, it remains to be seen what will happen when they inevitably reach the U.S. southern border. U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas emphatically told Telemundo’s Arantxa Loizaga last week “that they were following all these migratory movements very closely, and that if this caravan tried to get here to this country, it was simply not going to succeed.”


“The Mother of All Caravans,” coupled with Biden’s already dismal record fiscal year migrant border encounter numbers, and we have the makings for yet another illegal immigration disaster with the likelihood these migrants will be turned back being slim to none. It will be interesting to see how long it takes this caravan to reach the southern U.S. border. Let’s hope true journalists will investigate exactly who is funding the months-long journeys of these supposedly poor migrants. If only we had a president or a vice president who would find the time or who cared enough about the safety of the American people to not only visit the border but do something to secure it— you know, like they both took an oath to do.



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