The Morning Briefing: How Many Euros Does a MAGA Hat Cost?

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The Sine Qua Non Sequitur has briefly lost its will to random. 

I would like to begin with a quick acknowledgement that I screwed up yesterday when I missed the context of Dr. Eli David's tweet. I did a strikethrough on my response and apologized. I don't like to memory-hole my mistakes. 


Well, as far as you know. 

When progressives around the world tell their story, they are the center of the political universe. Icky people who don't think like they do are fringe outliers. Progressives tend only to congregate with the hive mind so they're barely aware of the existence of others. 

The fringe really isn't as out there as the lefties think, especially here in the United States. Sure, the Dem propaganda hacks in the mainstream media like to explain support for Donald Trump as some sort of anomalous brainwashing. 

Nah, we're just normal people who aren't on board with the prog freak show. 

After the European Union parliamentary elections on Sunday, it looks like some of the anti-leftist backlash is catching on with some of our friends across the pond. Chris wrote a breakdown of it yesterday:

In France, National Rally, the party led by polarizing figure Marine Le Pen, won roughly twice as many votes as President Emmanuel Macron's Renaissance. The results so shook Macron that he called for national assembly elections set for June 30 and July 7, a move that The Spectator’s John Keiger suggests is “an attempt to scare French voters into rejecting Le Pen.”

A German coalition of center-right parties won 30% of the vote, while the far-right AfD outperformed the country’s leading Social Democrats to the tune of 16% to 14%. These results don’t bode well for the Social Democrats just over a year before national elections.

In Italy, Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy increased its support, winning 29% of the votes. Spain’s right-leaning People’s Party claimed just over a third of the vote, while two other parties on the right, Vox and the entertainingly named Se Acabó La Fiesta — “The Party’s Over” — made impressive, if low, showings.

Europeans are fed up with unfettered immigration and crippling inflation — why does that sound familiar? — so they’re rejecting the left-wing status quo and turning to various parties on the right.


As Chris mentions, things are a bit more populist and nationalist over there. That's functional populism and nationalism, not the redneck domestic terrorist scary story that American Democrats tell their low-info base. 

The results from Sunday have the Eurolefties freaked out. Those who are most panicky tend to be the ones who still pretend that Joe Biden is functional (looking at you, Emmanuel Macron). Their shopworn leftism is obviously not winning hearts and minds these days. 

French lefties have been aggressively trying to marginalize Marine Le Pen and make her go away for years. We see how that's working out. 

There have been signs from around the world that some conservative ideas have been gaining in popularity, despite the media's insistence that, deep down, everyone want's to be a happy-go-lucky socialist, living under the thumb of his or her government. 

In Argentina, President Javier Milei is a bit of a political chameleon — definitely not conservative on every issue. He does, however, hit many notes that resonate with a lot of us here. This is from something my friend Stephen Green wrote last month

President Javier Milei entered office like Jack Nicholson breaking his way into the bathroom in "The Shining" — with an axe. Armed with emergency powers granted by the Argentine Congress, he balanced the country's out-of-control budget in one month, fired government workers by the thousands, eliminated more than 200,000 "corrupt" social welfare programs, and even cozied up to NATO.

“There’s a lot more chainsaw" to come, Milei promised in March, and I momentarily almost became gay.


That's some serious draining of el pantano there. The Democrats are terrified that Trump will take a chainsaw of his own to the bloated federal bureaucracy here. 

We can dream, can't we?

Then there is the overwhelming success that El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has had (which my Townhall colleague Leah Barkoukis wrote about here). He turned a crime-ridden hellhole into one of the safer places on Earth. Bukele accomplished that by taking what the American MSM faux journos would call a hard line. Actually, they would whine about it. 

Bukele re-funded the police and the army, and reintroduced 21st-century ne'er-do-wells to the harsh world of consequences. 

I'm not saying that Milei and Bukele — or even Giorgia Meloni in Italy — are borrowing from Trump's playbook. They all do seem to be kindred spirits on certain issues, though. It would appear that those whacky MAGA ideas of Trump's may not be anathema to the rest of the world after all. 

Hmm...I wonder if they've been lying to us about anything else.

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