463 Border Patrol Agents Attacked This Year Already

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

I have written quite a bit here at PJ Media about what the "newcomers" have been up to ever since Biden's handlers have been letting them in by the millions.

But would it surprise you to know that they have been just as violent getting into the country as they have been living in it?

According to a recent report from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in 2024 alone, 463 agents have been attacked by illegal immigrants who are shuffled across the border so the Democrats have a permanent voter bloc.

Yes, it is mostly physical violence the Border Patrol agents have been victims of, whether it be in the form of assault, shootings, knife attacks, being pelted with rocks, or even being attacked with "vehicles or vessels."

Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens publicized the news in a post on X, where he said, "Despite the challenges, they remain resilient and steadfast in their duty to protect our borders."

I am sure they are, Mr. Owens. If only the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress actually cared more about keeping you guys safe than keeping themselves in power.

After all, 148 Democrats voted against a bill that would require any illegal immigrant who attacks law enforcement to be deported, even in the face of the attack on NYPD cops in late January by suspected members of Venezuelan prison gang Tren de Aragua.

Sure, that bill passed the House anyway, but where do you think it has been since? Rotting in the Senate, the same way the Secure the Border Act the House passed last May, over a year ago now, has been allowed to collect dust by Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

And even if that passed the Senate, do you expect one of Biden's handlers to write it into law for him?

Of course not. They want the border to remain open, no matter how many Americans suffer the consequences. It's almost like the mayor in "Jaws" wanting to keep the beaches open despite a great white shark eating his constituents, except in this case he is actively filling the water with chum.

But don't worry, Biden has it all taken care of now, because instead of who knows how many people allowed to cross the border a day, it's only 2,500, enforced via executive order.

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That's still a little over 900,000 illegals in the country every year on top of gotaways, but we're supposed to be happy with that because it's somehow Republicans' fault they did not help pass a bill that would have allowed double that number, 5,000 illegals per day, into the country.

If anything, there is a bright side to this executive order, namely that if Trump can win the White House in November, the first thing he can do upon returning to office in January is revoke it and implement new ones, which is why they are currently trying so hard to prevent him from winning.

But until that happens (which is unfortunately a big "if"), can we expect another 463, or likely more, Border Patrol agents to be attacked this year?

You bet.


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