The Morning Briefing: So Much for the Lawfare—Trump Rocks the Bronx

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Democrats and their media mouthpieces haven't exactly been hiding their glee about the fact that the kangaroo court set up by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has been keeping former president Donald Trump off of the campaign trail.  

It doesn't matter. Wherever he is in the world, Donald Trump is the center of the American media universe. Oddly, the people who most want him to shut up have made him that way. The Democrats' unhinged obsession with Trump keeps him front and center in the American conversation. They would prefer that the conversation be negative, obviously, but the poor dears have been struggling with that of late. 

Trump won the presidency in 2016 because he worked hard campaigning in places that hadn't been good to Republicans in recent elections. Before Trump, GOP candidates would go through the motions in bluer states, but Trump was, as the phrase goes, in it to win it. 

To the chagrin of everyone trying to railroad him, Trump hasn't been letting them wear him down. They were no doubt hoping that, at the very least, they could physically and mentally exhaust him.

Instead, he seems to be energized. 

Last night, Trump held a rally in the Bronx, which heretofore has been no-man's land for Republican presidential candidates. A good chunk of it is touched by the congressional district that keeps sending Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress, after all. 

People are so Biden-weary that Bronx residents were looking forward to Trump's visit. This is from Catherine's preview yesterday


“Fox & Friends Weekend" co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy, before the rally, talked to a number of Bronx residents who are fed up with Joe Biden and Democrats in general. Feeling used and abused, the residents are remembering how much better life was under Trump and looking for alternatives to the Democrats who have so long controlled New York. Trump’s Bronx rally could win him more New York support, including from black and Hispanic voters.

In fact, Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr., president of New York's Hispanic Clergy Association, was one critic of life under the disastrous policies of the Biden administration. “Senior citizens cannot walk down the street. Our children are being killed. When you go to a grocery store, you can't even buy anything anymore,” he told Fox News. “I’m a Democrat. All my life I've been a Democrat, but Democrats have used us and abused us, they think that they own us. Donald Trump is giving us an opportunity.”

The Democrats can't run from Joe Biden's trainwreck or the failures of their other politicians since 2021. The noise around the Trump trial was meant to distract from all of that. However, the false narratives intended to keep Biden propped up aren't going over well with many voters. 

As my colleague Sarah Arnold wrote over at Townhall, the rally was a great success. At one point, Trump called it a "love fest." I knew things were going well for Trump when I read the updates from "reporters" at The New York Times. Their pain was oozing through the words on the screen. There were a few precious details and lots of editorializing. 


Our sister site Twitchy has a very entertaining post about the anguish at CNN as it covered the rally. They really were struggling: 

It's going to be a rough couple of days in MSM Land. Also, George Santos hanging around and mugging it up with the Trump fans (see today's feature image) had to have been a little extra kick in the kneecaps for the hostile press in attendance. 

The success of the rally adds some real context to this post that Matt wrote early yesterday, hours before it began: 

Last month, while in New York City for his sham trial, former President Donald Trump indicated to reporters his intention to "make a play for New York" in the 2024 election.

"We're very close in New York, I understand," Trump said. "We're leading the country by a lot. A poll just came out a little while ago, as you saw yesterday that we have—we're up in every swing state and up by a lot in every swing state. So I think we're gonna do very well, and we're gonna make a play for New York."

There has been a lot of speculation that, even though the prosecution's case in the Manhattan trial has been blown out of the water, the jury will convict Trump anyway because everyone in New York City is a hive-mind leftist. 

It looks like the hive mind has more than a few drones who have gone rogue. 

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