Biden's New Nominee Is the Absolute Worst, and Ted Cruz Is Having None of It

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Federal magistrate judge Sarah Netburn is one of those judges who probably has ordinary Democrats doing face-palms so hard that you can see perfect fingerprints embedded in their foreheads. Naturally, Presidentish Joe Biden has decided what Netburn really deserves is a promotion to a U.S. District Court — and Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was having none of it in Netburn's confirmation hearing on Wednesday. 


Before we get to that, though, a few words about the oh-so-very woke Judge Netburn.

In 2022, Netburn found herself hearing the transfer request of William McClain — and this is where any questions about Netburn's fitness to serve are all answered with a hard NO.

McClain had pled guilty 30 years ago — in two separate cases — of molesting a nine-year-old boy and raping a 17-year-old girl. Released all too soon in 2009, McClain broke his parole and was sent back to prison, only to be released again in 2014.

McClain was arrested and convicted of distributing violent child pr0n just one year later.

Shelby, who already identified as transgender at the time, was sentenced to 180 months in federal prison on charges of child pornography distribution and sent to Otisville FCI — a medium security institution for male offenders in New York.

In 2022, McClain — by then calling himself July Justine Shelby — requested a transfer to a women's prison. At 6'2" and with his male genitalia fully intact, the Federal Bureau of Prisons recommended that Netburn deny his request.

But Netburn decided in McClain's favor regardless and, in December of 2023, had him moved to FMC Carswell, a federal women's prison in Texas. Because we live in a magical age where everyone is exactly who they want us to imagine they are, even pedophile rapist predators like William McClain.


But make no mistake: McClain is no innocent sufferer of gender dysphoria. He's a sexual predator who has learned to game a corrupt system. And it's difficult to imagine a worse example of that corruption than Judge Netburn.

In Wednesday's confirmation hearing, Cruz asked, "This individual. Six-foot-two, biologically a man. A minute ago you said that when this man decided that he was a she, that you said this individual was quote, I wrote it down, ‘sober and entirely a female'... That phrase struck me as remarkable. Did this individual have male genitalia?"

Netburn replied, "Sorry, what I meant to say was hormonally a female."

What does that even mean in this context?

"Let me ask you something," Cruz followed up. "The other women in that prison, do they have any rights?"

"Senator Cruz, I consider the facts presented to me, and I reached a decision," Netburn replied. She also noted, without apparent irony or recognition of the other women in Carswell, that every prisoner has a right "to be safe in their space."

If you'd like to watch the exchange in all its Cruz-y glory, here it is.


I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

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