Bronx Residents Excited for Trump Rally, Fed Up With Biden

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Donald Trump held a historic rally in South Bronx, New York, and many residents— even some Democrats — were excited for the GOP candidate to show up.

“Fox & Friends Weekend" co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy, before the rally, talked to a number of Bronx residents who are fed up with Joe Biden and Democrats in general. Feeling used and abused, the residents are remembering how much better life was under Trump and looking for alternatives to the Democrats who have so long controlled New York. Trump’s Bronx rally could win him more New York support, including from black and Hispanic voters.


In fact, Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr., president of New York's Hispanic Clergy Association, was one critic of life under the disastrous policies of the Biden administration. “Senior citizens cannot walk down the street. Our children are being killed. When you go to a grocery store, you can't even buy anything anymore,” he told Fox News. “I’m a Democrat. All my life I've been a Democrat, but Democrats have used us and abused us, they think that they own us. Donald Trump is giving us an opportunity.”

Another resident highlighted the same reality: “Black people and Hispanic people are very happy about him coming here, and they want to see the options, and they want to see Democrats step their game up. Republicans have an opportunity here that they can't let go.”

One resident expressed his approval of Trump making the effort to visit such a strongly blue area as the Bronx. Meanwhile, another voter explained that not all “registered Democrats” are unwilling to vote Republican, or have not done so before. “I happen to be one of those Democrats that hasn't voted Democrat since the age of Ronald Reagan,” he told Campos-Duffy.


One Bronx resident predicted that locals would welcome Trump with “open arms,” explaining, “Everyone needs help. People need housing. Instead of giving migrants and everybody that's coming from other countries help, we're here. We're Americans. Give us some help.” Another local expressed his wish to thank Trump in person for what he did while serving as president.

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Finally, one individual acknowledged that some locals hate Trump but that the Biden-induced crisis could provide Trump his opening. “I can tell you that the Bronx has been through many changes, everything was getting back on track, and now everything is falling apart again.” He added a recommendation for Trump: “Just let us know exactly what you're going to do for everyone. Not just the Hispanic community, not just the Black and the minority communities, but for America. Because when America succeeds, we all succeed.”


Trump’s Thursday Bronx rally in Crotona Park, which reportedly drew a packed crowd of thousands, came after his record-breaking New Jersey rally that drew 100,000 people in a traditionally blue state. At least 100,000 people tuned in to watch the Bronx rally livestream, too. Could Trump flip the blue stronghold of New York in 2024?


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