The Morning Briefing: Miserable Lefties Just Can't Quit Their COVID Fetish

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Rodelio ignored the naysayers and refused to give up on his dream of opening a nationwide chain of “Hot Yoga Jenga” studios.


There are a lot of reasons to prefer the company of conservatives here in Joe Biden’s America, but high atop my list is that we don’t spend our time deliberately seeking to be miserable and aggrieved. Misery and grievance are the family business over on the Left, and — thanks to their warped political views — business is always booming. They are rather generous over there, though. Not only do they want to be miserable, but they want everyone else to join them.

Most of us are sanely trying to put the COVID-19 pandemic slog behind us. Many American leftists, however, are hanging onto it like it’s a cherished possession that someone is trying to wrest from them. For example, last week, our sister site Twitchy covered this bit of insanity from infamous COVID pimp Peter Hotez.

I swear, that’s not a parody account.

This is the same guy who is afraid of having a vaccine debate with RFK Jr. He prefers hanging out on Twitter (X…whatever) and ginning up COVID panic to a brainwashed audience. The responses to that are both pathetic and disturbing. What’s sad is that they all think we’re the science deniers because we won’t act like it is July 2020.


Ever the dutiful leftist lapdog mouthpieces, CNN got in on the COVID panic pimping. Ben wrote about it for us:

The CNN article quoted anonymous experts, though! Ben hits the nail on the head regarding them:

Experts say” lots of things: that masks don’t work and then they magically do; that COVID injections stop transmission; that something called “herd immunity” is going to end the spread of a virus that constantly mutates; etc.

If we’re keeping score, the “conspiracy theorists” have outperformed the “experts” in every way possible since the start of the pandemic. I put more stock in what my trusted colleague on Substack, with no institutional support and no budget for research, has to say about COVID than CNN.

They can keep this up forever because, as Ben noted, viruses like this keep mutating and never go away. Various strains of H1N1 have been around for over 100 years. I’m a little surprised the leftist Eeyores aren’t throwing that into their fear-mongering repertoire as well.

This is all Commie 101, of course. They know they’re most effective when they can get the citizens to plunge into the depths of despair, then keep them there. By far, the most disturbing aspect of the pandemic has been seeing how many Americans have casually signed on to the despair and are adamant about staying that way. Their unquestioning loyalty to the government and its media propagandists is helping to erode our freedoms.


Because, you know, science and stuff.

The misery-based virtue signaling by the secular Left in America is tedious and embarrassing. People who are still posting mask pictures on social media in an effort to feel superior are probably nightmares in real life. I don’t even mind if people still want to wear masks — that’s none of my business. However, if they think it’s some sort of “good person” flex, then I know right away that it doesn’t have much to do with their health. It’s all about the social credit and receiving virtual public pats on the back from other members of their COVID cult.

The panic about going to a crowded movie is ridiculous. Crowded places have always been germy shortcuts to getting sick. People who weren’t freaking out about them before COVID but do now really aren’t “following the science.”

They’re just gullible.

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